Sunday, October 19, 2008

Demam raya

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri
Maaf zahir n batin =)

Raya was a short and simple celebration for me

At first we planned to ‘balik kampung’ to a place where my mum was raised but it was cancelled at the last minute since there was a slight problem with bringing along the two elderly people in our family in an eight hour journey. The fact of it sounds stressful as much as the journey would be. So cancel lah. In the end, Raya was conducted at the same usual spot which is my house. First day of raya would be our open house day from noon till night as we’ve been hosting it for the past years. Early in the morning we’ll save a slot for the sunat aidilfitri prayers and to visit one or two houses in the neighbourhood.

A few days after raya, I surrendered myself to the feeling of drowsiness and had an extremely sore throat. So the following week I had an extended raya break due to a week of MCs. So, I had a short celebration indeed with a long painful –trying to heal break. Although this is the third week, I’m not feeling as good as before since I’m still feeling the on and off cold + fever and my cough is getting worse.

Oh I’ve really been wanting to drink coke since the medicines are not working.