Friday, January 04, 2008

lurking around?...

This post is specially dedicated to my friends who are lurkers of this blog. You CAN infact contribute your ideas by following these steps eventhough you don’t have a blog. Here’s how

  1. click on the comments below each entry
  2. a new window (small one) will pop out
  3. type in your comment
  4. below the ‘choose an identity’ click the nickname button
  5. insert your nickname
  6. leave the URL empty if you don’t have one
  7. finally, click on the publish comment button

    It is as simple as alif di atas aa, ba di atas baa, ta di atas taa…
    aa baa taa.. :p

long lost pictures

i edited this picture ages ago..2 years back if i'm not mistaken..

just thought it would be nice posting it here

for new years sake

happy 2008!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


handphone menggila