Monday, September 08, 2014

Things I love

Life is beautiful. 
Stop and smell the flowers. 

Picture taken in Kobe, Japan. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

yonks ago

I received a new lappie recently.
This made the separation with my desktop really difficult especially when you find really memorable pictures like these. 

missing the younger years.
copy all files - transfer all. :)

Saturday, January 04, 2014

So last year

Rewind of what I should have posted last January 2013.

We booked the tickets to Hong Kong a year before departure (which were obviously on sale) and were so eager to go to in Disneyland.  I've never been on tours, hence all my travels have been some sort of like a backpacking mode.So here are some tips

Tips for Malaysians for your cuti-cuti in Hong Kong.

1. Bring lots of food from home as the price range per adult for a meal would cost RM50.  There would be one or two halal restaurants (mostly kebabs) near shopping areas but getting there might be a problem unless you know your routes well.  So we brought maggi, instant porridge,1 packet of rice (5kg), brahims, mini rice cooker,serunding, sambal ikan bilis and whatever food that we can stuff in our luggage.
*make sure to wrap the sambal ikan bilis neatly with several layers of plastics/paper. Do not hand carry your meal as once you disembark the plane at HK International Airport, a security dog will be waiting for you.

Bring snacks such as biscuits or chocolate energy bars as you can eat them for lunch if you're travelling to many places in a day.
There's this one famous dimsum at ammar's mosque. You MUST try it out.

To get here ask locals directions to the stadium

which is located next to this building.

Dimsum at WanChai

2. Wear comfortable shoes as there’ll be a lot of walking and standing. Everyone in HK stands and there are not many seating areas even if you are in a shopping mall. Travellers are to stand and squatting/sitting on the floor is a no-no. You’ll be scolded by the police.

Kak Yan buying new comfy shoes.

No seats in malls. So this guy made a smart move by sitting on his luggage.

At the MRT station. Standing still.

Gel sole padding sold in markets in HK is something you must buy too. Super duper comfy.

3.  To get from one place to another, you can buy the Octupus card at any MTR stations and can be used for bus rides too. The signage are in English so it wont be a problem to navigate your way through the MTR. You can grab the map of the MTR online or at the MTR stations.

4.  There are  plenty of hostels to stay at in HK. I stayed at Mongkok since it was near so many street markets that operated at night, including the famous ladies market. I would highly recommend you to stay around the same area since you can explore farther places in HK during the day and come back to mongkok to continue shopping at the night markets.

Dragon Hostel Hong Kong

day-night markets everywhere

I didn’t know this would take so much time. No wonder travel blogs have so many parts.
So basically this was what we did 

Day 1 - After arrival , check in ho(s)tel then go to ladies market and Sham Shui Po. 
Day 2 - HK Disneyland. 
Day 3 - Shopping. Peak Tower and visit wax museum.

Day 4-  Shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui. View symphony of lights at Victoria Harbour. Bruce Lee figure.   
Day 5 – Macau full day.
Day 6 - Final round of shopping. noon back to KL

Shopping in HK can be in malls/streets. Will continue soon yea. xxx