Sunday, October 25, 2009


I needed a break after finally finishing my proposal and needed to enjoy myself before facing another 3 weeks of dreaded exams, marking and submission of assignments. I just cannot cope with life these days.
So the girls suggested that we go to watch cuci the musical that night. Luckily there were available seats left for us and I was intrigued and excited since it has been a year since I last went to watch a theatre.
Our seat was right in front of the stage, the second row in fact; and the abang-abang cuci were standing right in front of us. Personally, I liked their backdrop and enjoyed their acting and jokes. We really had fun laughing our heads off from the beginning right until the end. I would recommend those who are trying to have a great day of fun n laughter with friends/ family to go and watch this musical. It will be least recommended for people who are expecting great choreography or great songs, it was just ordinary for me but Adibah Noor’s part was great, so I was so eager anticipating her next move and what she’ll sing. Overall, okla..
I think our Enchanted Forest lagi best! :p

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I haven't been updating my blog for sometime, work has given its toll on me with day n night classes. I feel that I don’t have a life like I had before. I really2 need a break and can’t wait till the end of November. Yippie.
Not only that, over the past month, alll blog sites (referred to personal sites) have been blocked by the admin at work. So it is kind of a bummer to not be able to open blogs anymore. Before this they only blocked youtube, all video based webs, friendster and facebook. Now blogs…which is inappropriate since students learn a lot from reading/writing blogs.. So, I’ve written a complaint letter regarding the matter of them blocking blogs, and I also made other lecturers to do the same. Hopefully they will reconsider blocking blogs when they receive the complaint.
Last week my friend a colleague introdueced me to a software and I’ve been using it to enable me to access these sites, but it is a bit slow and I feel guilty most of the time I access these banned pages. Kekeee..
So freaking innocent~