Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aidilfitri this year

Wishing everyone a blessed Aidilfitri!

another 28 days and counting..

My family celebrates Aidilfitri without one of our grandma who passed away last year. Her lost was deeply felt especially in Ramadan as one chair at the dinner table was left vacant during the break of fast.

This Ramadan taught me to cherish every moment that we have on earth to practice good deeds as an investment for the land hereafter. Sometimes the 'good' that we've done so far before this is not good enough so we have to intensify our goodwill and make regular check and balance of ourselves.

During the Ramadan I also felt myself balooning up so fast which left me aching during the 'Tahyat Akhir' whereby I couldn't place my legs in a position that it should be due to my fat-so-ness!! Can you believe that I had to sit in a weird position coz of my heaviness. Taksukala coz it's an imperfection in our prayers. :(

This is the right way to do it
I do realize I need to shed some weight off fast and control both diet and activate myself to exercise. Before Ramadan, I've practiced regular exercise everynight by jogging at the stadium doing 8 laps which did help in maintaining my weight and toning my hidden muscles... but there wasn't any loss in kilos. I also went swimming in Putrajaya on alternate nights but I don't think these exercises that I'm doing paid off. Perhaps, exercising alone is not enough for my type of body, I do need to control food intake too.

Good luck to me and I promise not to take any seconds during meals. I hope that will be a start to controlling what I eat coz I can't help to resist food... and futhermore resisting food during raya season..Huaaa

This is me signing off,
Hari Raya 1433H!  We tried to snap using polaroids on Raya

I'm sure you can spot me. (Hint: the giant) Maaf zahir batin.