Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a smirk on my face

On some days I offer private tuition for school children to earn extra pocket money. I guess money runs out extremely fast especially when residing in a city of temptations. Argghh..

"ice blended caramel-coffee kat kedai biasa pon rm8"

Anyway, something happened when I was teaching the students. There's a 13 year old boy in my class and he is very mischievous. An interesting fact about this particular boy is that he loves to attract my attention by asking me questions and he would sit besides me and tell stories about himself. I was shocked when he did that the first time as I have never experienced any students who would do so in the middle of the class. I find it bizarre and it's definitely not my nature..HAHAAa.. Then I said to myself he just wants attention. Fine. I'll listen, respond and ask him to sit back at his place. He just never stops talking, but I'm not annoyed by him as all the stories that he tells me has a point and he's a good storyteller. He knows how to structure his story with a beginning, climax and ending, just like how an adult would tell stories.

These couple of days, I didn't have time to entertain him and everytime he came to me, I told him to complete his work. I ignored him most of the time and also avoided eye contact so that he wont start asking this and that. At the end of the last session for this week he said he wanted to tell me a 'secret'. I pitied him as he still made an effort to woo me to listening to him. Okay... This was his secret..

Teacher, I have a friend and my friend who is old was fat before this. After a few months my friend suddenly became thin and very pretty.... You have to believe me teacher... very pretty..

Then he ran off as it was time to go home.
I was stunned. What did he want to say actually? I think he trying to advice me cynically. For it to come froma 13 year old I would say -Funny yes. Being direct, yes. Lesson learnt- A DEFINITE YES!


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well, tomorrow’s Saturday and I’ve three wedding invitations to attend but am only attending one which is my cousin’s wedding. Although if possible I would like to strike all three but I’ve some sorta agreed to help out at a cousin’s wedding since like a year ago.( which at that time I didn’t know these events will likely to clash) Oh bummer!

So, tomorrow as the cutest girl in the family [cewaah, takde org lain ke apart from me nak buat keje ni], indeed they need ma skill to usher vip’s to their table. Adoyaiii.. Do I have to do this till the rest of my life?.. Okay, so luckily, I’m not emceeing a wedding, which I think, is very strange when a girl conducts the wedding ceremony on her own. What u can do is either pair the emcees or let a guy conduct it individually.

Anyway, back to the ori story… When it comes to helping out for occasions, I normally find that amongst all people in the extended family I’m the only one who’ll be doing everything. I always find myself washing the dishes, cleaning up, doing this and that…ME!!. WHY ME? WHY?...... It was at that moment when I was in Form 3, I realized that no matter if I was with relatives from my mom’s side or my dad’s side, I’ll definitely be the victim of doing the chores during family gatherings. I just couldn’t escape… As I scrubbed n drubbed (don’t know if the word exists) the dishes I kept on asking myself that question until I had the AHA moment when I finally managed to find the answer. For both families–mom’s n dad’s, I am the second female grandchild. NO wonder that I will always be involved with all these cleaning up process; if not alone, I’ll be with my elder cousin (female). I AM definitely attached to this position which does not have any resignation for sure.

There was an incident which I was so upset about when I was in Form 2, it was during Aidilfitri when my cousin n I had to clean up and work in the kitchen while our parents entertained guests n other cousins were watching TV (damit). Since our job requires us to work in the kitchen preparing drinks and serving this and that, we were basically stuck in the kitchen, just the 2 of us. Suddenly, all the other cousins started flooding the kitchen one by one with the intention to show off the amount of ‘duit raya’ they received from the guest. We were like, where’s ours? We rushed to the living room only to find that the guest have left the house. YES, THEY DID FORGET ABOUT US WHO WERE IN THE KITCHEN!! I was devastated coz they gave out rm10 which was a lot at that time. I WAS SO PISSED OFF coz I didn’t get the rm10 which I deserve of..Oh, how could they forget about us… That was the only question lingering my mind at that time. : ( . I love helping out, but there would be moments where u would feel alone and left out from the family which is definitely not the objective of a family gathering.

So, tomorrow’s my co-washing n cleaning partner wedding day. I hope that eventhough she’s married, she’ll be able to attend family gatherings and help me out to do the cleaning, I don’t want to do it alone…….