Monday, October 29, 2007

muffin maniac

i asked my friend (a chef) to give me the simplest muffin recipe.
he did and it kinda started to look like this at first

i know it doesn't look like a muffin and i had a feeling that it wasn't gonna turn out to be one. But i still had a little bit of patience hoping that once i've put it in the oven it will bake, enlarge and fully fill the cup. After all, I do trust my friend and his recipe. So much for believing in him after 15 minutes of baking my feeling was shattered looking at the end result. It was still the same and the only difference was that it was slightly hard.

I was so disappointed and due to frustration I made a mass production of chocolate chip cookies. Here’s the cookies to replace the muffins that didn’t turn out as expected.

*I texted my friend informing that ‘the muffins’ didn’t turn out well. Then he confessed that he had mistakenly given the wrong recipe. Well, so much for the recipe and trusting the chef!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

after one month

after one month and one day from my birthday
i noticed that i didn't post this..

my birthday celebration
simple and meaningful

here's the cake for the eyes only..

** the handwriting is a bit horrible..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thank you is the hardest word

It is not sorry anymore. While growing up I believe that parents taught their children to say thank you if anyone gave you a favour or even if someone did something to make your work easier. Practically thank you can be uttered in so many ways to show appreciation.

A simple thank you makes a person satisfied for doing something to you. It also delivers some kind of feeling how their help meant to that particular person. Once in a while thank you will brighten ones life since it is a sign of sincereness. It’s not how often you say it, but more to whether saying it or not.

We even send thank you cards or personal notes to friends or family members for being there or for even helping us out. I noticed that thank you can also be spread to someone for no particular reason for example by saying that it was nice to meet you or I really had fun going out with you guys. These are all examples of thank you in different words. Words that are meaningful. Sincere. These kind words can make a difference...

Today, I think people just don’t know how to say thank you. Or maybe they have forgotten the word. When helping a colleague for her exam paper, no thank you. When opening the door, I didn’t get any thank you. When giving someone something, still not a word of thanks. When providing an idea, yes, still nothing… WHY?

Am I so fragile and sensitive actually? Or is the world getting mean?

So much for teaching my students to write thank you notes to those who gave you something or those who are special to you. No matter how hard we teach, whether we know how to or not, I believe there are still some that are some people who are ignorant and maybe slightly selfish. Maybe? Only god knows.

Writing this makes me recall on the number of time I have actually said thank you to my parents. I think it is not enough, eventhough by saying thank you as often as I can I will not cover everything that they’ve done for me.

Thank you for reading. That’s from the heart.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


on the 5th day of raya
this is how i felt:

so, so tired
i'm not feeling well
hey, i still managed to go to work

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

selamat hari raya


aidilfitri 1428 hijrah is a little off or 'kurang'

-kurang berjalan2 beraya

-kurang selera nak makan (sebab batuk kot)

-kurang enjoy the celebration

and the most kurang of all

kurang dapat duit raya...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a series of events

one day at 11 am: i had a fever
same day at 3pm: received news that my granny fell (she hurt her ribs)
went to visit her and adviced her to walk cautiously

the next day, 5am: i fell down and sprained my ankle
8am-12pm : gave my lecture until i leg became so sore

i have to eat lotsa painkiller and chew disgusting tablets

now, i have a cold, i can't breathe well coz of my stuffy nose
also have a terrible cough
and i still can't walk properly.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

renovate my wardrobe

i was supposed to post this a month ago
but i literally forgot about it

this was how my room looked like when i came back from a weekend break from penang
all the mushy- wushy weekend turned out to be disastrous when i came back to a room looking like....

.a wreck.

my mother loves to renovate rooms. but sometimes she doesn't finish doing them.

my room is one of the victims. before this, i remembered when i came back from my university break my room will transfer to a totally different room. i always ended up bumping into chairs, beds and other stuff as i wasn't used to the new placement of furniture. i also had trouble to search for my belongings.

now, it's starting to happen all over again.