Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hair tips

Friends and relatives always ask me about the secret to maintaining healthy hair. Once I even went to a hair salon to trim my hair and the hairdresser asked me for hair tips. ???what??? I should ask her that q. Well, I was a little bit blur whether to answer her q. In the end I just smiled and continued flipping through the magazine. Actually there’s no secret. Here are some tips or should I say my routine when dealing with my hair.

  1. I wash my hair everyday
    Washing doesn’t mean shampoo-ing okay
  2. I shampoo/clean my hair once in two days.
  3. I use a regular shampoo. Not so strong one..
  4. I don’t use conditioner because if I do my hair will start falling…this one I don’t know why. So I opt not to use any. Aside from that I can save up a bit..hee
  5. Comb my hair with a small comb (men’s comb) more than 2 times a day. A must in the morning and before going to sleep. Other times include every time going out and every time tying my hair.
  6. Make sure hair is dry/not too wet before going out. Don’t tie hair when it's wet.
  7. I have never dyed my hair in any form of colour.
  8. Trim hair once a month/two months so that it’ll grow faster
  9. I don’t like sharing combs with other people including my family members. Sorry :( . But if like it’s an emergency.. like if we went somewhere and no one brought a comb except me, I’ll lend it then I’ll wash it.hahaaa.. You can ask my sister how I freak out when someone uses my comb.

I think that’s all actually. Nothing much.
I’ll update if there are things I forgot to include.
Now I need to go and comb my hair.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

what's your excuse?

Why sometimes people don’t go to work? i don't know the answer and i don't even have the answer but the most honest answer would be just because you feel like going or in other words you're lazy. when it clicks in your head on the particular morning, all you can think of is getting an mc. sometimes we even create excuses.

Taking leave for no apparent reason means creating logical reasons so that your boss lets you off. Some common reasons made by my colleagues are

any type of illness
fever, cough - any type of illness
sakit kaki/bengkak

things that disturbed your sleep
kene gigit nyamuk (mosquito bites)
atap bocor (leaking)
newborn crying

broken spectacles
shoes missing
alarm clock didn't go off

so, do you have your own excuse?
be honest..

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