Sunday, September 28, 2008

An inner sight

Last night in conjunction with the small family celebration that we had, we contributed for the moreh for the local mosque nearby. Since it’s the weekend, there were many people and the food finished in a vast! Despite the shortage, Alhamdulillah my mission was accomplished.

Before the moreh, during the solat terawikh, a whisper from two girls beside me struck my mind. An act of what I normally do seemed so strange and clicked them from comparing me to a famous figure.

The situation: the carpet of the mosque in my area had been changed to a really thick, soft and comfortable carpet. It’s so comfortable that anyone would lie down and can even fall asleep soundly on it.

The behaviour: when we pray, we place a sejadah (mattress) on the carpet. Since the carpet is so soft, the sejadah would be in a total mess after a performance of 2rakaat terawikh. So after giving ‘salam’ for each solat I would readjust and ensure that the sejadah is in a neat and tidy situation again so that in the following rakaat, I would ‘sujud’ at a sejadah that is neat. Who wouldn’t want that anyway?

So well, surprisingly my actions were observed by the two particular girls

The comment: “Tengok akak tu, macam Bree dalam desperate housewives”

After overhearing them, I looked at them and smiled. It was a realization period for me. Is it true? Am I really like BREE VANDERCAMP? Oh no!! then the fact that I looked at them and smiled was also so bree-ish. I just couldn’t accept the fact. So during the next two terawikh I was not 100% khusyuk, I was thinking about the statement and it really disturbed me in my prayers and it made me evaluate more about myself.
It was such a reality check!

So what if I like neat things and classify items in order? I will be in a total chaos if I don’t. the situation of not doing things in order would make me feel even more uncomfortable. And yes finally I do admit that I am vandercamp-ish a bit.. it is me and I take it as a part of my life. I never thought of myself like the character in bree, but since I have a figure to compare to it does give me an advantage to learn more about myself. :)

Since I am so Bree-ish, I had some baking done today as a preparation for the eid Mubarak celebration. Pulling the cookies from the oven fascinates me. I am truly excited to bake another type tomorrow!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dude, where’s my bumper?

Don’t worry. It’s not my car.

This is the front rear of a car which unluckily has a driver with the inability to drive and doesn’t have manners. The person driving JFW doesn’t have manners at all.

His car accidently hit my sister’s car while she was at the roundabout. I was with my sister at the time and I was so shocked because of the incident. We did what we had to do, so we stopped at the roadside to see the damages. Then of course the car stopped behind us. We were hit from the back from the left hand side. Our car only suffered a slight dent and our scratch marks on the bumper. But unfortunately, for that JFW, the whole front bumper came off.

The driver of the car came out raging with anger and scolded at us blindly. I was calm throughout the whole process since why should you yell at people with vulgar words. It’s not going to rewind the time and repair all the damages. What's the point? Do you think that you’re so good coz you are able to use the F word and other ranges of it? It in fact reflects the other side of your personality which is having no EQ. not only EQ but IQ as well, okay…let’s say if my bumper came off, I would collect it. I told him to collect his but he didn’t want to. I didn’t know what he was thinking at that time and since I didn’t want to force him so I just let his stupidity be with him. It was getting late so we decided to meet up the next morning to further discuss about the incident.

The next morning, we were ready to lodge a police report, he came to meet us bringing along his sister and practically the entire family (in another car).. I was wondering where the girlfriend was..(he was driving with his girlfriend that night).when the sister came to me I was expecting someone wiser and able to handle the situation well unlike the brother but she was the same as him. Someone with low EQ as well. It must be in the breed. They demanded us to pay them, and I was like..hello, do u think I am stupid? I wanted to lodge a report. Unsatisfied about my decision, she consulted her husband and after 15 minutes of discussion, she made up her mind to follow us to the police station.

At the police station, we lodged our reports but we didn’t know what each other testified. My sister lodged the report since she was driving the car. As the investigation proceeded, both were found guilty since they both took the wrong lane at the roundabout. So the sergeant came out with a verdict and said, “dua-dua rosak, jadi claimla insurance masing2.”

We were frustrated since we could have won since he hit us from the back side but the law is still the law and we ought to respect it. This dude and family wasn’t, so they were fuming with rage and kept on saying that they want to claim it on our insurance. Why is that so? They said that WE crashed into them.they put the blame 100% on a small dent in front of our car that was caused 5 years ago. but realistically, the damage that was on the car due to that accident was on the left side!! How could it be infront?! where's your sense of logic?.! We finally managed to put the pieces together that he actually lodged a false report admitting that we hit them. Luckily the police did their own investigation of a liar’s claim. How could there possibly be 2 dents on different sides of a car in a single crash?. Come on-la idiot!

This low IQ and EQ man surely needs to practice driving and try to remember what happened during the accident. His low memory of the accident reflects why his IQ is low. If we really wanted to, we could have sued him for making a false report and not pasting ‘P’ sticker – we found out that he was a ‘P’ driver after making the report.

I guess in the end dumb people don’t get anything. Then I realized, no wonder he didn’t want to collect his bumper (which was still in good condition). He was so sure that he’ll claim it on our insurance/ we’ll pay him. I feel so sorry for him- in an evil kind of way. The most of all is I pity his girlfriend having to live her life with this man and the family which doesn’t have manners.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Of my own matters

At times we forget to ask ourselves why we are here on earth. We tend to succumb to the materialistic world and become more in love with it thus forget why we chase for it in the first place. I hope I won’t forget my roots. Without realizing, sometimes we are so tempt in searching for all the necessity in life because it is a need. What we really have to do is ask ourselves why we need it in the first place and remind ourselves constantly of why we are here.

"Kejutkan aku seandainya aku tertidur, tegurla aku seandainya ada tersilap, bangunkan aku seandainya aku terjatuh dan kuburkan serta talkinkanlah aku seandainya aku mati.."

Have you wondered what will happen if you are not here anymore? We often experience the loss of a loved one but imagine that you’re the one. It scary to think about that and makes me hard to sleep at night. As human beings, it is a norm. Thus, to ensure we are safe and happy in this world and hereafter, we need to remember why we are here and perform good deeds and pray for the best. Even though when a person is not around us anymore, we have to pray for the best for him/her for the betterment of their life after death. It is the prayers of good friends and family that will ensure us to live happily ‘ever-after’.