Saturday, May 29, 2010

sun, sea and sandals

pictures compiled.
I'm thinking to open a flickr account but the process to create an account is what bothers me the most. Lazy,lazy me

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


airasia free tickets!!
jom friends. lets go somewhere for a vacation!!!
am thinking of Brisbane (gold coast) , HongKong...
Krabi -Beautiful beaches..
Cepat geng.

Friday, May 14, 2010

BAD minton

Our team played poorly indeed.

I wonder if they realize that they are not putting enough effort in their own game. Hish.. The game seems like they haven't been training at all. Hello, pleaselahh Malaysian badminton squad, Wake up from your dreams!!

I have no comments for LCW as LD was indeed superb and LD is perfect in terms of his placing as compared to LCW. LCW did play well but his opponent was better than him. There's no doubt about that.

For the 'so claimed no 1 doubles' sucked BIG time as they were overconfident. So padan dgn muka sendiri. Asyik tersengih2 je. Tahula handsome..

The second single ni was the worst. I think it is about time that he should be replaced with some other qualified player. I'm not really a BIG badminton fan but from what I can see is that his game was like he's playing with his son (trying his best give chances to opponents). Please try to realize that this a tournament!!! Put aside the lemah longai style and start smashing for God's sake!

I'm devastated!
Bye-bye Thomas

Sunday, May 09, 2010

wii..had some fun in d sun!

wow penat macam donut seyy.

I finally had the opportunity to unwind myself and tagged along for the family vacation in Redang. Here's some pictures for a start. Will post more about it soon.

the journey. the flight to Redang was so frightening coz it was unstable and we felt like riding a roller coaster all the way..

The view of the sea is so breathtaking. Subhanallah..

Cliche pic. Heheee

The beach and I =)

Just look at the crystal clear water!! Sangat2 bestla..