Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A sad ending to 2012

Missing my grandma so much :'(

As you all know my lovely Wan passed away almost 2 months ago after being in coma for several days. She was discharged from ICU to the normal ward the night before. We were relieved to have some-kind of hope that she'll be better -despite her unconsciousness at least there'll be less 'miscellaneous tubes poked in her nose/arm etc'..

I picked up my mom from KPJ Shah Alam that night and I performed the normal routine of reciting Yassin next to her, talking to her and calling her name.. but as usual nothing happened. She still didn't gain consciousness. As we were still waiting for another aunt for the night shift I was flipping through the TV channels and there was a PRamlee Bujang Lapok on screen, so I left it on so that she can at least her the dialogues of the movie as she loves watching 'em black and white films. [You know that there are stories of people in coma can actually hear things around them but they just can't respond to us ]

Later that night when my aunt arrived, we kissed her goodbye... [not knowing it'll be the last kiss :'( ] Early the next morning around 8am the doctors detected that her temperature was rising and they wheeled her back to ICU. Then during the normal tracheostomy suction procedure the nurses faced some complications and it was at that moment they asked my aunt to call all the family members to gather at the hospital. Then, after a few minutes from the first phone call we received another call informing about granny's death.

It was quick and unexpected. We never thought she'd leave us so soon.
Allah has everything planned for every single soul on earth.
Wan died a year after (shy of several days) my other grandma (Tok) passed away.
In a year I lost both my grannies, and up until today I still refer to their room as Tok's room or Wan's room. It's not easy to delete the memories especially when you've lived together over the past years.... Their presence will always be missed.
I hope both of them are in a more peaceful place now. Al fatihah.

Here's a pic of Wan n her top 3 (hottest?nope..eldest) granddaughters taken in 30th June 2012.
Wan's not ready yet. Her pics on that day were all the same.
She didn't look at the camera. Except for the one at the bottom..
Love u 1