Tuesday, November 17, 2015

of facebook posts and recipe updates

Everytime a person shares a recipe on facebook, I'd expect the person to make it within a time span of 1 day to 2 weeks maximum. Pictures of dishes well most of them makes you go all hungry all of a sudden even though you just had a hearty lunch/dinner.. Urrgh..

 There would be times I would ask my friend who normally update recipes, have you tried this and that recipe which SHE SHARED on fb.
 The answer would be - NO
So you haven't tried making 'em?
 No, I just like sharing it.
 AAAAaaaaaa.. I felt like shooting myself.

 Well, that was the first disclaimer, then others confessed doing the same. Please cook what you have posted, it's similar like practice what you preach.. kihkih Or maybe I am just an emotional blob who is too attached to food.

Enjoy a short video of a simple Chocolate Banana Cinnamon Cake made in a mug which I saw someone sharing on facebook.. :)
Prep time: less than 2 minutes
Mix everything in a mug
1 banana mash with fork
Cinnamon powder
Baking powder
Vanilla essence
Brown Sugar
Microwave: 3-5 minutes

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Travelling log

I have keeping my travel log pending for years since 2013.  As I plan to write it before this, there would always be one project to plan for and I'd totally forget to do/did not finish the entry...

Hello Afzan, wake up it's 2015 and close to the end of the year. Excuses and plenty of it coming as reasons of not updating. I somehow do blame Instagram and Facebook being the photo dumping places to store my photos as compared to uploading it on blogs. Well it is after all private, which is a good in one way tho :)

Anyways, I do intend to share my journey so that others can find it useful to plan their trip. So here is a simple list of the places which with God's willing will be published soon.

Korea 2013 Seoul - Didn't visit Jeju Island - 7 days, 6 nights
Gyeongbokgung Palace

Bali 2014 - 5 days, 4 nights
Kecak dance/music performance

Japan 2014 - Tokyo - Nagano - Hiroshioma- Osaka - Kobe - 9 days, 8 nights
Hiroshima- The only buiding standing after the bombing

Thailand 2015 - Krabi

Singapore 2015 - 5 days, 4nights

Melbourne 2015 - Melbourne - Phillip Island -Ballarat- 9 days, 8 nights
12 Apostles

Ramadhan Trip
Cambodia 2015 - Phnom Penh
Thailand 2015 - Pattani

Soon baby, wait for the update soon...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Steamed chocolate cake

Raya was just so-so for my family.
No kampung to head to, so it was basically just us circling around KL this raya.

Nonetheless, I tried to occupy my time by baking(something that I left several years ago). The baker in me started to creep out. I tried out this recipe for steamed chocolate cake (kek coklat kukus) as I wanted to ensure that the cake would turn out moist even if I served it on the following day.

Here's the recipe. Taken from Cikgu Suraya

Bahan untuk kek coklat.

Bahan A
· 1 cawan serbuk koko
· 1 cawan gula pasir 
· 1 cawan susu cair 
· 1 cawan minyak masak 
· 1/2 cawan susu pekat 
Bahan B 
· 11/2 cawan tepung gandum 
· 1 sudu teh bikarbonat 
· 1 sudu teh baking powder 
· 1 sudu teh esen vanilla 
· 3 biji telur (suhu bilik) 

1. Masak Bahan A dalam periuk sampai sebati. Allow It to cool. 
2. Pukul telur sampai betul2 kembang kemudian masukkan bahagian A. 
3. Masuk esen vanilla. Pukul sampai sebati. 
4. Masuk bahagian B sedikit demi sedikit. kacau sebati selama 5 minit ++ 
5. Masukkan adunan dalam loyang dan ikat dengan beg plastik.  Papepun pastikan wap air tak boleh masuk dalam adunan. 
6. Kukus for 1 hour. 

Tadaaa. The amazing results which was gone in less than 24 hours. Senang nak buat, senang juga dihabiskan. Huhuuu

Verdict: nice, moist when not refrigerated. Simple chocolate cake recipe that I've found so far. Locking this in and  will definitely remake this cake soon. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A little bit of styling would never hurt

All girls can relate to fashion, be it their outfit (top, bottom or headscarves), shoes, jewellery, makeup.. and the list continues.
Girls tend to have their own fashion sense or a certain style that they tend to portray. It might be a colour scheme, a theme, a pattern basically it is totally up to the wearer.
but talking about this, there are times where us (girls) are so lazy to even choose what to wear or even get up to iron! Moments like this stuck me so many times, especially on weekdays at night right after you dumped your work attire in the basket and walla- ring a ding ding a friend asks you out.
should I go or should I stay..
So guys, you shouldn't expect so much that we'll have decent attire on every single day. It's good enough, some of us have never left the house wearing a kaftan... :p

I'll leave you with some decent pictures which were taken a long way back
1) repost from dolceamera
2) repost from catteleya couture
The pleated skirt was to die for. Loved it to bits. 
Non iron top. Suits the lazy me. Truly recommended for travellers