Sunday, September 23, 2012

Slow Rock


Sunday bluess...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Easy to please

Work can sometimes be torchering to you as there are files to be updated and abundance of non-related teaching or what we call-'admin' work to do, but as an educator I can easily shed it off by small gestures from my students. It makes me forget all the problems for that day.

These are what makes my heart smile:
Seeing them waiting for you in class with eager smiles on their faces.
A simple thank you at the end of each class.
Saying I enjoyed learning in your class today. (oh really?)
Thanks for the grammar tip. (although at times it wasn't intended to be a tip)
Asking about what we'll learn about next week. (but I haven't prepared anything yet)
Shakes and kisses my hand before going out. (my hand sometimes smells of curry,especially after lunch!)

Although these expressions might not come from all the students, but for those students who did, they surely touched my heart on 'any particular day' when I seem to feel a lil vulnerable of myself .

I guess a little gesture goes a long way. 

This entry was inspired by an email I received a former student earlier this morning,
Oh God, ma oily-face snapshot . malus
(Note:* picture was taken a few months back when I was handling a dinner event)..

It REALLY made my day. :)