Tuesday, July 31, 2007


being a student you always want to succeed instead of failing. i haven't failed. and i don't plan to fail. who does? it's just when things go wrong i blame myself. i think most of us do..

why? it is because when carrying out tasks. literally all tasks, i perform my very best and give my all BUT certain people just do not get the meaning of good product produced from hard work.

when asked what went wrong, there's no concrete answer...
friends say it's because of unprofessional marking
biased? jealous? (insert any negative feelings here)
well i don't know~
only god knows

what on earth are they marking on?.
maybe it's a big joke for them but it's war to me.
i just don't get it. something's gone wrong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It’s bloody cold today

Opps, should I use bloody or ‘cooling’ today.
I hands are literally shaking in the office, in my car even though the air-conditioner is not switched on.


Please give me some heat so that I can make myself warm…

I found it quite hard to sleep last night as it was freezing cold as well. Since I was so lazy to get up and get a blanket from the cupboard, I snatched my sister’s towel and some of her clothes since they were folded nicely in a pile near my bed. Come to think of it, yeah I was extremely lethargic to get up.

I was awoken by my sister’s screams because of what I’ve done to her clothes. Got nagged by her at 7 am in the morning! I bet she’s folding the clothes now because when I headed for work this morning I just left the clothes in a bundle with a thought that I’ll fold them later…. Later = never(hoping someone else does it).

Cold weather -->lazy -->sleepy --> an unproductive day

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I write when I feel bored
I write when I’m about to go to sleep
I write when my friends tell me to and..
I write when I want to

When I look back
I find my piece of writing immature
When I read it I feel funny and I can’t even sit still

Early in the morning and late at night is when I’m inspired to write
At those hours I’ll be damn sleepy but somehow my brain seems to be full of ideas
Sometimes during those hours I’m not in front of my monitor

Slowly the ideas seem to fade away
Then I forget what I was thinking to write about
And careless to update my blog


Now I will try to blog often
Treat my blog as my work
Something that I have to accomplish
Eventhough not daily




Monday, July 02, 2007


haven't been updating much.
it's been a couple of months..

well, the new sem starts today. saw lots of students registering. tried my best to avoid the crowd.. today, the students had to register for their subject n all(yesterday, if i'm not mistaken they registered for their college). there were still some students who were accompanied by their parents. duurrr..

registration for first year students and graduation to me is kind of the same: it gathers almost every member of the family including parents, siblings, atok, grannie, uncle, aunties and practically anyone in your family tree.just name it.

what happened to me today was while i was heading to my office i bumped into a 'pak guard'. he greeted me and pointed me to the direction for the registration counter. telling me to go to the direction he was pointing at. deep inside my heart i was laughing out loud. (hahahaaa, he thinks i'm a student!!i am still laughing now.i think i still look young! )

i managed to pull a straight face so that the guard wouldn't feel offended. i just told him that i was on my way to the third floor and quickly rushed to the lift.

am still laughing now.

i think i better stop here.
class will start next week
just wish that this sem flows as well as last sem