Saturday, November 20, 2010

am craving to shop

Y.E.S is here but unfortunately am on a really tight budget. Bummer! So the best thing to do is lock myself in to avoid goin to any shopping hub..

I've been searching to several items in particular but have yet to find them.
1. leather women's shoes (lace)
when i was younger(primarysch) i had one in black n maroon and it was so comfy and i wore that pair until I outgrew em shoes.. went to the local clarks store and left that place feeling frustrated. please suggest places where i can buy this type of shoe.

2. single sling blue hangbag
i just want a cool blue handbag coz blue is

3.a good sport shoe
the old one da jadi buaya..

That's all fornow. So please grant me my wish. I think I've been a good girl.

HAve a look at Oprah's Fav Things 2010 . Droolssssss...