Sunday, June 14, 2015

A little bit of styling would never hurt

All girls can relate to fashion, be it their outfit (top, bottom or headscarves), shoes, jewellery, makeup.. and the list continues.
Girls tend to have their own fashion sense or a certain style that they tend to portray. It might be a colour scheme, a theme, a pattern basically it is totally up to the wearer.
but talking about this, there are times where us (girls) are so lazy to even choose what to wear or even get up to iron! Moments like this stuck me so many times, especially on weekdays at night right after you dumped your work attire in the basket and walla- ring a ding ding a friend asks you out.
should I go or should I stay..
So guys, you shouldn't expect so much that we'll have decent attire on every single day. It's good enough, some of us have never left the house wearing a kaftan... :p

I'll leave you with some decent pictures which were taken a long way back
1) repost from dolceamera
2) repost from catteleya couture
The pleated skirt was to die for. Loved it to bits. 
Non iron top. Suits the lazy me. Truly recommended for travellers