Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Scarlet Heart Pandemic

A week had passed and still I still can't move on from this drama. Arggh, I just hate the aftermath feeling. The vague and emptiness feeling it gives you... sobs sobs (frequently playing its OST)

I suddenly got myself glued to watching this series after a friend's daughter (who is 14 years old just in case you wanna know) recommended me to watch it. I was an addict even after the first episode.
In Malaysia it was aired the same time as in Korea on Astro 393.

The poster might look cliche with a girl with so many princes but don't generalize yet like I did in the beginning. hehe. The drama is amazing as it portrays the past era where Kings reign the region and there's a whole lot of elements like love, family ties, power and betrayal (similar to King Lear's Shakespeare - ok I'm exaggerating a bit here).

The director did a good job in maintaining viewers interest as I was awed with each episode. some dramas takes too long to shift to a resolution but this one keeps you on your toes at all times. The cinematography and music intervals are just great. Love love love. The right moment of pauses touches your heart and allow you to mellow with your feelings.

I just love everything about Scarlet heart ryeo. Maybe I'm into historical drama with fightings and costumes but nonetheless without great scenes/plot it wouldn't be  equally as great. Besides that, the acting is superb too. I wish one day our local actors and directors can deliver something like this for us.

I'm not a fanatic of KDrama at all, in addition this is the 2nd story I've watched after Winter Sonata(which was 15 years ago I think). So here I am, finally updating my blog to vent my frustration out just because I can't move on with this story..

The heart is cruel as it can be wicked.
MoonLovers-Scarlet Heart Ryeo