Sunday, October 08, 2006

::Zoom In Mawi::

i managed to catch the programme around 9.30. if i'm not mistaken it started at 9.00. although i missed half an hour of the show, i still enjoyed his performance. personally i think that Mawi had indeed improved a lot as compared to his previous concert in bukit jalil. his fantasia concert in collaboration with silky girl had certainly fooled himself by his non-stop giggling act which made most of his audience annoyed, including me. personally, the zoom in programme was organized properly, less nonsense laughs from the idol. the whole show potrayed that he had rehearsed the show several times. the script were in line and thank GOD everthing went on smoothly. what i hated about the show was his duet song with zarina. for me the song is a total crap!totally uninteresting. too many repetition of the chorus which makes it even more boring. hearing from my ears it didn't sound harmonized. arrghh i just hate that song. why on earth did he agree to sing that pathetic song!
here's just more points of what i liked and didn't like:

1. his sponsored clothes
2. his jokes
3. his interest to improve his english

1. his duet with zarina
2. him responding to what the audience says everytime
3. shaking hands with audience while singing (he should've done that after the show)
4. airing the programme live when others are performing their terawikh prayers (i know that it can be performed at anytime after isya' till imsa' but after the show at least he could invite the audience to perform terawikh together)
wouldn't that be nice?..

so the pros and cons are even. nothing more to say. i enjoyed last night's programme.thanks rtm.