Saturday, November 22, 2008


innalillah wainnailaihirajiun
al-fatihah to ayah fied yg telah pulang ke rahmatullah.
semoga ditempatkan dikalangan org beriman..

kematian sebenarnya menyedarkan kita tentang amalan kita, kerana dgn amalanlah yang dapat mengiri kita ke kehidupan yg baik di akhirat kelak.

i found a text about kematian, it says that..
ianya hanya ketiadaan hidup di dunia.
"Janganlah kamu mengatakan terhadap orang-orang yang meninggal di jalan Allah bahwa 'mereka itu telah mati,' sebenarnya mereka hidup, tetapi kamu tidak menyedarinya" (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 154).

"Janganlah kamu menduga bahwa orang-orang yang gugur di jalan Allah itu mati, tetapi mereka itu hidup di sisi Tuhannya dengan mendapat rezeki" (Surah Ali-'Imran [3]: 169).

kerana itula tuhan mengambil mereka kerana tuhan lebih sayangkan mereka.
kita yang masih hidup perlu bykkan beramal dan berdoa supaya Allah luruskan hati kita dan ditunjukkan jalan yang benar untuk kehidupan yang baik di dunia dan akhirat.
amin ya rabbal alamin


missing the moment. . .

Thursday, November 13, 2008

in the wee hours

I’m back from the Terengganu trip. Last night I arrived at N9 around 3a.m in the morning. Since I parked my car at the office, I had to drive it all the way back to Bangi. No one was at home to pick me up so by hook or crook I had to drive back. I thought about other alternatives like checking in the nearest hotel, but the thought of going back home the next day and heading to the office again in the morning was tiring, so without hesitation I automatically cancelled the hotel option.

Before I started my journey I thought of many things such as who to call if my car breaks down since my family isn’t around, which radio station I should tune into, when to extremely accelerate (since there’s a Chinese cemetery along the way). I seemed to be relaxed at the beginning of the journey and I managed to occupy myself by singing to the songs on the radio. It was when I got to the nearest toll I felt a sudden rush and my heart started beating fast. Psychologically, maybe it was due to the fact that I didn’t see any cars around me.

Again, I composed myself. My deepest worry was at the cemetery.

So I drove alone in the middle lane and was extremely happy to see a few lorries around. but what disappointed me was that they were going too slow. therefore in the end I overtook them and was all alone by myself. There were a few cars that sped like lightening. hmm.. I would have done that as well but the condition of my car didn’t allow me to do so. So lalalaaa.. I was driving 110km/h and in the middle of the way there was a man standing on the highway signaling me to stop. I didn’t know why but the car kinda automatically slowed down although I was pressing the accelerator . Since my car was slowing down, I caught a glimpse of the man. What I felt at that time was indescribable and I myself couldn't figure out why I was looking at him.... Then thank god that the car was at its normal speed again and I dashed off having lots of questions in my mind which I didn’t have any answer to like did i really experience that? Was it real? Is he lost? Where’s his car/ bike? And a whole load of other questions. I drove off until I reached my destination without thinking about the cemetry which i was supposed to be scared of...

Until now I keep on asking myself those questions. It creeps me out. I will never know the truth. So much of me being curious.
If he was a real person, I hope he’s safe, if not, please go away and rest in peace.