Saturday, November 20, 2010

am craving to shop

Y.E.S is here but unfortunately am on a really tight budget. Bummer! So the best thing to do is lock myself in to avoid goin to any shopping hub..

I've been searching to several items in particular but have yet to find them.
1. leather women's shoes (lace)
when i was younger(primarysch) i had one in black n maroon and it was so comfy and i wore that pair until I outgrew em shoes.. went to the local clarks store and left that place feeling frustrated. please suggest places where i can buy this type of shoe.

2. single sling blue hangbag
i just want a cool blue handbag coz blue is

3.a good sport shoe
the old one da jadi buaya..

That's all fornow. So please grant me my wish. I think I've been a good girl.

HAve a look at Oprah's Fav Things 2010 . Droolssssss...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Someone woke me up with a devastating news that were major highlights of several local newspapers..

Marion is officially getting married with the 2nd son of the SM tycoon.

Big dreams don't really come true... :(
Nevertheless, I love Marion. (kalau celebs lain mmg xsukala)
Even my dad is skeptical about the news n wants to know who Marion is. Oh well, i guess I've to wait for E Asia then.

Friday, July 09, 2010

the eyes that stare

If your husband looks at another girl, it doesn't mean that he's flirting with her.


Picture taken by Qila byk kali zoom coz takut dgn kucing. Ahaks

(this is a reminder to myself as well, in the future)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Meee ooww...

I know that you’re obsessed with me. So FINE. I can deal with the fact that you bought the same shoes a couple of days after I wear a particular shoe. Then, you bought a similar bracelet to my bracelet (nasib baik not exactly the same when you look at it closely).. I think basically everything I have, you want one as well right. I don’t really mind you buying all these stuff and copying me.. I can accept that you love me and I’m truly smitten that I’ve a fan. :) But…but..but….when you checked whether my handbag is an original handbag or not behind my back is SOOOO inappropriate. This is clearly a sign of jealousy. Oh perempuan, go and get a life. What do you think you’re doing, inspecting other people’s handbag? and shame on you to admit that you’re a 27 year old girl

God, please make her go far far away from me

Get a life!(Roar like a lion)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


ada orang annoying gila kat kursus ni


Sunday, June 13, 2010

baby entry

Baby don't miss me yeah . I'll be away for a week.
Baby yg sometimes looks like a girl. hehee..

Friday, June 11, 2010


It's a rainy Friday and I'm still stuck at the office.. Buhuu

Most of my collegues are on leave as it is the school holidays and they have to entertain their kids etc. Well me? I will be here as usual as always trying to keep myself busy. Hahaa.. There are also colleagues that I would consider as... "unethical" maybe?

On record they're supposed to be here but they aren't. There's been a debate regarding this issue as normally, these so called "invisible people" are the ones living near the workplace. They would come in the morning, head back home and drop by late in the evening to "checkout". At first I don't really mind of the fact that some people might have to do this once a while if they have something urgent to do outside(going to the bank/breastfeeding, etc). If you tend to do it more than 3days a week I consider it to be too much.

What irks me the most is that in meetings, they're the ones who hypocritically talks about honesty, emmmm well the fact is that they just aren't, they also claim that whoever leaves home on time are unproductive, unlike them....Hello!!! Although their working hours are long, it doesn't mean that they are productively at work. Doyou think we're stupid n we don't know what's going on?

Oh people, people.
Don't try to lie in front of adults, it really makes you look even more stupid.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I cried and cried..

Last night while I was trying to find potential subjects for my research I stumbled upon a blog which I felt contented to share. After reading an entry from the blog I knew that it had nothing to do with my initial objective, but I kept on reading and reading from one entry to another as her stories made me want to know more about what happened.

She wrote a series of 10 entries of her life which was overwhelming and heartening to read. The entries were about love, having faith and survival. I have indeed learnt a lot and I feel intrigued to share it with everyone that I love. So, take a look here with an end note of I love you. :)

[off to weddings around here, so sorry to ucu & haida for not being able to make it to your wedding. 6/06 every year seems to be a marathon of weddings for me.. ]

Saturday, May 29, 2010

sun, sea and sandals

pictures compiled.
I'm thinking to open a flickr account but the process to create an account is what bothers me the most. Lazy,lazy me

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


airasia free tickets!!
jom friends. lets go somewhere for a vacation!!!
am thinking of Brisbane (gold coast) , HongKong...
Krabi -Beautiful beaches..
Cepat geng.

Friday, May 14, 2010

BAD minton

Our team played poorly indeed.

I wonder if they realize that they are not putting enough effort in their own game. Hish.. The game seems like they haven't been training at all. Hello, pleaselahh Malaysian badminton squad, Wake up from your dreams!!

I have no comments for LCW as LD was indeed superb and LD is perfect in terms of his placing as compared to LCW. LCW did play well but his opponent was better than him. There's no doubt about that.

For the 'so claimed no 1 doubles' sucked BIG time as they were overconfident. So padan dgn muka sendiri. Asyik tersengih2 je. Tahula handsome..

The second single ni was the worst. I think it is about time that he should be replaced with some other qualified player. I'm not really a BIG badminton fan but from what I can see is that his game was like he's playing with his son (trying his best give chances to opponents). Please try to realize that this a tournament!!! Put aside the lemah longai style and start smashing for God's sake!

I'm devastated!
Bye-bye Thomas

Sunday, May 09, 2010

wii..had some fun in d sun!

wow penat macam donut seyy.

I finally had the opportunity to unwind myself and tagged along for the family vacation in Redang. Here's some pictures for a start. Will post more about it soon.

the journey. the flight to Redang was so frightening coz it was unstable and we felt like riding a roller coaster all the way..

The view of the sea is so breathtaking. Subhanallah..

Cliche pic. Heheee

The beach and I =)

Just look at the crystal clear water!! Sangat2 bestla..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Saya suka kerja saya

Sejak mula bertugas di sini

Tuhan yang telah memberikan banyak rezeki

Bersyukur ke Hadrat Ilahi

Anugerah demi anugerah diterima

Sejak berkhidmat disini

Saya rasa amat happy!

Sungguhpun demikian

Terdapat segelintir yang iri hati

Mungkinkah mereka iri hati

Kerana imbuhan yang diberi?

Itula lumrah manusia

Membenci tak tentu hala

Buat orang terluka

Ini semua rezeki

You all cubala lagi

Janganla cepat sangat membenci

Kalau I dapat anugerah lagi. hehee

Tahun ini

Penerima lebih dua kali

Tidak boleh terima lagi

Agak kecewa hati ni

Hati yang kecewa tidak lama

Kerana dilantik jadi panel jawatankuasa

Menanugerahkan mereka yang berpotensi

Untuk anugerah kali ini

Dahulu saya tidak peduli sangat

Pada mereka yang jahat

Saya mengambil dasar berkecuali

Agar hidupku harmoni

Sekarang ini

Sakit hati dan rasa menyampah kembali

Kerana mereka yang dulu iri hati

Sedang mencoba

Untuk membodek diriku yang comel ni


Saya mahu lari dari sini

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Feeling so tensed lately.
(Muka macam zombie sampai students pun tegur)

I wish I could escape to a serene place (refer to picture) to unwind myself.

I'm so fascinated by the crystal clear water.. wanna go, wanna go!!
(Kawan2 jom gi pulau ni.. Pulau Pemanggil) Memanggil-manggil u all

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

my sunshine

For the time being, you're my sunshine.
I get up because of you and I look forward to coming home early to see you.

But there are days when I don't like you. That is when you are moody or broknaa (Tganu dialect as told by Grandma). That's when you'll kick frantically and 'teriak Hindu' (tearless cry).

Its definitely a love-hate relationship between you and me. Please don't grow up too fast.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a smirk on my face

On some days I offer private tuition for school children to earn extra pocket money. I guess money runs out extremely fast especially when residing in a city of temptations. Argghh..

"ice blended caramel-coffee kat kedai biasa pon rm8"

Anyway, something happened when I was teaching the students. There's a 13 year old boy in my class and he is very mischievous. An interesting fact about this particular boy is that he loves to attract my attention by asking me questions and he would sit besides me and tell stories about himself. I was shocked when he did that the first time as I have never experienced any students who would do so in the middle of the class. I find it bizarre and it's definitely not my nature..HAHAAa.. Then I said to myself he just wants attention. Fine. I'll listen, respond and ask him to sit back at his place. He just never stops talking, but I'm not annoyed by him as all the stories that he tells me has a point and he's a good storyteller. He knows how to structure his story with a beginning, climax and ending, just like how an adult would tell stories.

These couple of days, I didn't have time to entertain him and everytime he came to me, I told him to complete his work. I ignored him most of the time and also avoided eye contact so that he wont start asking this and that. At the end of the last session for this week he said he wanted to tell me a 'secret'. I pitied him as he still made an effort to woo me to listening to him. Okay... This was his secret..

Teacher, I have a friend and my friend who is old was fat before this. After a few months my friend suddenly became thin and very pretty.... You have to believe me teacher... very pretty..

Then he ran off as it was time to go home.
I was stunned. What did he want to say actually? I think he trying to advice me cynically. For it to come froma 13 year old I would say -Funny yes. Being direct, yes. Lesson learnt- A DEFINITE YES!


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well, tomorrow’s Saturday and I’ve three wedding invitations to attend but am only attending one which is my cousin’s wedding. Although if possible I would like to strike all three but I’ve some sorta agreed to help out at a cousin’s wedding since like a year ago.( which at that time I didn’t know these events will likely to clash) Oh bummer!

So, tomorrow as the cutest girl in the family [cewaah, takde org lain ke apart from me nak buat keje ni], indeed they need ma skill to usher vip’s to their table. Adoyaiii.. Do I have to do this till the rest of my life?.. Okay, so luckily, I’m not emceeing a wedding, which I think, is very strange when a girl conducts the wedding ceremony on her own. What u can do is either pair the emcees or let a guy conduct it individually.

Anyway, back to the ori story… When it comes to helping out for occasions, I normally find that amongst all people in the extended family I’m the only one who’ll be doing everything. I always find myself washing the dishes, cleaning up, doing this and that…ME!!. WHY ME? WHY?...... It was at that moment when I was in Form 3, I realized that no matter if I was with relatives from my mom’s side or my dad’s side, I’ll definitely be the victim of doing the chores during family gatherings. I just couldn’t escape… As I scrubbed n drubbed (don’t know if the word exists) the dishes I kept on asking myself that question until I had the AHA moment when I finally managed to find the answer. For both families–mom’s n dad’s, I am the second female grandchild. NO wonder that I will always be involved with all these cleaning up process; if not alone, I’ll be with my elder cousin (female). I AM definitely attached to this position which does not have any resignation for sure.

There was an incident which I was so upset about when I was in Form 2, it was during Aidilfitri when my cousin n I had to clean up and work in the kitchen while our parents entertained guests n other cousins were watching TV (damit). Since our job requires us to work in the kitchen preparing drinks and serving this and that, we were basically stuck in the kitchen, just the 2 of us. Suddenly, all the other cousins started flooding the kitchen one by one with the intention to show off the amount of ‘duit raya’ they received from the guest. We were like, where’s ours? We rushed to the living room only to find that the guest have left the house. YES, THEY DID FORGET ABOUT US WHO WERE IN THE KITCHEN!! I was devastated coz they gave out rm10 which was a lot at that time. I WAS SO PISSED OFF coz I didn’t get the rm10 which I deserve of..Oh, how could they forget about us… That was the only question lingering my mind at that time. : ( . I love helping out, but there would be moments where u would feel alone and left out from the family which is definitely not the objective of a family gathering.

So, tomorrow’s my co-washing n cleaning partner wedding day. I hope that eventhough she’s married, she’ll be able to attend family gatherings and help me out to do the cleaning, I don’t want to do it alone…….


Thursday, February 25, 2010

almost lover~

One of my fav song ended Army wives.. I was excited to hear d song on tv but d song made me eye teary.d ending of d story was touching N sad just like dsong.. Sob.sob.sob