Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hair tips

Friends and relatives always ask me about the secret to maintaining healthy hair. Once I even went to a hair salon to trim my hair and the hairdresser asked me for hair tips. ???what??? I should ask her that q. Well, I was a little bit blur whether to answer her q. In the end I just smiled and continued flipping through the magazine. Actually there’s no secret. Here are some tips or should I say my routine when dealing with my hair.

  1. I wash my hair everyday
    Washing doesn’t mean shampoo-ing okay
  2. I shampoo/clean my hair once in two days.
  3. I use a regular shampoo. Not so strong one..
  4. I don’t use conditioner because if I do my hair will start falling…this one I don’t know why. So I opt not to use any. Aside from that I can save up a bit..hee
  5. Comb my hair with a small comb (men’s comb) more than 2 times a day. A must in the morning and before going to sleep. Other times include every time going out and every time tying my hair.
  6. Make sure hair is dry/not too wet before going out. Don’t tie hair when it's wet.
  7. I have never dyed my hair in any form of colour.
  8. Trim hair once a month/two months so that it’ll grow faster
  9. I don’t like sharing combs with other people including my family members. Sorry :( . But if like it’s an emergency.. like if we went somewhere and no one brought a comb except me, I’ll lend it then I’ll wash it.hahaaa.. You can ask my sister how I freak out when someone uses my comb.

I think that’s all actually. Nothing much.
I’ll update if there are things I forgot to include.
Now I need to go and comb my hair.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

what's your excuse?

Why sometimes people don’t go to work? i don't know the answer and i don't even have the answer but the most honest answer would be just because you feel like going or in other words you're lazy. when it clicks in your head on the particular morning, all you can think of is getting an mc. sometimes we even create excuses.

Taking leave for no apparent reason means creating logical reasons so that your boss lets you off. Some common reasons made by my colleagues are

any type of illness
fever, cough - any type of illness
sakit kaki/bengkak

things that disturbed your sleep
kene gigit nyamuk (mosquito bites)
atap bocor (leaking)
newborn crying

broken spectacles
shoes missing
alarm clock didn't go off

so, do you have your own excuse?
be honest..

muffins no more

Remember the muffin recipe that my friend gave me. it is supposed to be a cinnamon roll that should look a lot more like this as made by Dr Ezura. Not like my previous post! Maluuu...

Monday, November 19, 2007


sometimes it is not about looking for THE ONE,
it is about making HIM the one.
or is it vice-versa?

so much for studying language.
i'm getting myself confused.

today's note; terjiwang plaks...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

homemade muffins

muffins - mass production

the kiwi - my mom's friend recipe/mix

the chocolate one is home made

i was a bit crazy to make d cupcakes but i didn't have time make the topping and icing (so it turned out to be muffins je) since i had to rush to a ceremony bringing along the muffins with me

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

friend's wedding

so lovely but i wasn't there.

luckily the pictures were there to tell me the wonderful story.
selamat pengantin baru leha!~

Friday, November 02, 2007


went to bank in some money through the teller.
didn't bother to check my bankbook
when i went home i realized the my account was short of rm400
quickly called the bank and the guy admitted his mistake and told me to come the next day

went to the same bank and lodged a complain
had to wait half an hour to solve my problem (hate waiting)
problem solved
before leaving i double checked my bankbook

went to my colleague's open house
on my way back my friend's left tyre was flat
some stopped and helped
after half an hour on my way back..
my tyre left tyre also went flat

kena badi kot..

don't know what's in store for me tomorrow..

Monday, October 29, 2007

muffin maniac

i asked my friend (a chef) to give me the simplest muffin recipe.
he did and it kinda started to look like this at first

i know it doesn't look like a muffin and i had a feeling that it wasn't gonna turn out to be one. But i still had a little bit of patience hoping that once i've put it in the oven it will bake, enlarge and fully fill the cup. After all, I do trust my friend and his recipe. So much for believing in him after 15 minutes of baking my feeling was shattered looking at the end result. It was still the same and the only difference was that it was slightly hard.

I was so disappointed and due to frustration I made a mass production of chocolate chip cookies. Here’s the cookies to replace the muffins that didn’t turn out as expected.

*I texted my friend informing that ‘the muffins’ didn’t turn out well. Then he confessed that he had mistakenly given the wrong recipe. Well, so much for the recipe and trusting the chef!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

after one month

after one month and one day from my birthday
i noticed that i didn't post this..

my birthday celebration
simple and meaningful

here's the cake for the eyes only..

** the handwriting is a bit horrible..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thank you is the hardest word

It is not sorry anymore. While growing up I believe that parents taught their children to say thank you if anyone gave you a favour or even if someone did something to make your work easier. Practically thank you can be uttered in so many ways to show appreciation.

A simple thank you makes a person satisfied for doing something to you. It also delivers some kind of feeling how their help meant to that particular person. Once in a while thank you will brighten ones life since it is a sign of sincereness. It’s not how often you say it, but more to whether saying it or not.

We even send thank you cards or personal notes to friends or family members for being there or for even helping us out. I noticed that thank you can also be spread to someone for no particular reason for example by saying that it was nice to meet you or I really had fun going out with you guys. These are all examples of thank you in different words. Words that are meaningful. Sincere. These kind words can make a difference...

Today, I think people just don’t know how to say thank you. Or maybe they have forgotten the word. When helping a colleague for her exam paper, no thank you. When opening the door, I didn’t get any thank you. When giving someone something, still not a word of thanks. When providing an idea, yes, still nothing… WHY?

Am I so fragile and sensitive actually? Or is the world getting mean?

So much for teaching my students to write thank you notes to those who gave you something or those who are special to you. No matter how hard we teach, whether we know how to or not, I believe there are still some that are some people who are ignorant and maybe slightly selfish. Maybe? Only god knows.

Writing this makes me recall on the number of time I have actually said thank you to my parents. I think it is not enough, eventhough by saying thank you as often as I can I will not cover everything that they’ve done for me.

Thank you for reading. That’s from the heart.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


on the 5th day of raya
this is how i felt:

so, so tired
i'm not feeling well
hey, i still managed to go to work

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

selamat hari raya


aidilfitri 1428 hijrah is a little off or 'kurang'

-kurang berjalan2 beraya

-kurang selera nak makan (sebab batuk kot)

-kurang enjoy the celebration

and the most kurang of all

kurang dapat duit raya...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a series of events

one day at 11 am: i had a fever
same day at 3pm: received news that my granny fell (she hurt her ribs)
went to visit her and adviced her to walk cautiously

the next day, 5am: i fell down and sprained my ankle
8am-12pm : gave my lecture until i leg became so sore

i have to eat lotsa painkiller and chew disgusting tablets

now, i have a cold, i can't breathe well coz of my stuffy nose
also have a terrible cough
and i still can't walk properly.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

renovate my wardrobe

i was supposed to post this a month ago
but i literally forgot about it

this was how my room looked like when i came back from a weekend break from penang
all the mushy- wushy weekend turned out to be disastrous when i came back to a room looking like....

.a wreck.

my mother loves to renovate rooms. but sometimes she doesn't finish doing them.

my room is one of the victims. before this, i remembered when i came back from my university break my room will transfer to a totally different room. i always ended up bumping into chairs, beds and other stuff as i wasn't used to the new placement of furniture. i also had trouble to search for my belongings.

now, it's starting to happen all over again.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nanny nyanyuk

since my grandpa passed away 7 years ago, our house is occupied by another elderly.

1+1= 2

imagine living with both your grannies.
i can bet your life will be totally different.
literally everything that you do are limited, from the hours you spend out of the house until every single thing that you do will be critised and commented.

before this we were pampered to love and care for one another. until now, we still have a little sense of love to our grannies but to tell you the truth it is just not the same a years before. back in the old days, you only visit your grandma once a while during celebrations or any kind of gathering conducted by the family. once they live with you 24-7 for close to 7 years, things change. it is true that once you start living with a person then you will realize their true colours.

now what we are seeing is not a beautiful rainbow, but a big pool of mud; black and greyish!

at first, we didn't mind. we would simply take things lightly and forget about all the things said, but what crawls beneath our skin is the years of nagging, spreading irrelevant stories and the worst thing of all is backstabbing.

after all these years, we have sacrificed most of our time taking care of you, and yet you tell people that we are not there for you? we don't want you? all i wanted to ask is "what the hell is wrong with you?"
i get frustrated and offended easily. if my dad did not advice me i would have exploded right in front of her face. my dad says that it is our responsibility to take care of them. yeah, rite. if the 'our' really refers to everyone, it's okay. but i think it only refers to my mum+ i . no one else isn't chipping in. in the end, the victims are the both of us. all the creative created negative stories that were spread were basically narrative stories featuring my mom and i.

i may sound mad, but i'm not as mad as before. i'm not blaming my father or anyone in my small family. i put the blame on my grandma. particularly the one creating all the chaos in the house. i think nowis time for me to have a say in the family. since she hates us so much until she backstabs us, why don't she just leave and live with my uncle or other aunties?WHY? let me answer the q , it is because none of them wants to take care of her. they don't even come and visit her although it's only a 30 minutes drive. she can't even differentiate between who loves her and loves her NOT!

maybe coz she's senile makes her lose her abilities to differentiate. actually, she's not senile. she remembers and pretends to forget. when we confront or interrogate her, at first she tries her best to defend herself. when things a heading to a fall until she has no more points to create out of her head. all she says is "oh, i forgot" i'm so senile! after that automatically everything is at a halt!

that's her senile syndrome.
i won't take that as an excuse.
an excuse of escapism
escaping from the truth
that only GOD knows
and will be judged
later on in life.

Friday, September 14, 2007


when u are angry at someone.the first victim that's gonna get the blow isn't that person that you're paticularly angry with. but, it turns out to be the first person you encounter with.


bcoz it seems like all the angst and frustration is let out to the person in the most frustating sound of (whatever you're feeling) and this poor innocent person has to listen to it all..

after letting it all go. then you start realizing that you're not supposed to spill it out totally to that person. you've got to leave some angst for that person


then when time permits for you to explode to the actual person that you're angry with, everything becomes calm and cool again. it's simply because the frustration does not feel as frustrated as before.

time heals but the next person will suffer.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

103 and still counting

been busy as a bee lately.

i've actually 103 e-mail msgs that i haven't read but the msgs have been lying in my inbox for ages. the last was dated 7 months ago.

the e-mail includes of forwarded msgs my friends sent to me. daily, i'll just sign in to my account and check the e-mail with the subject that sounds serious and to be honest i rarely open forwarded msgs. i'll only click on the link if i've time.. time after that is totally spent to do work!work! work sometimes is sooo sooo stressful (omg, new tongue twister)

with 103 to go, now i have read half of them, 58 to go~will try to finish the rest tomorrow (if i've time)

i wish


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

.baby humps.

my friend told me that her baby had a breast. small breast but only on the right hand side. when i heard the for the first time i was like yeah, (it's merely coz i didn't know what to imagine at that time)

after seeing the oversized breast or should i say nipple, i was extremely shocked! try to imagine a baby around 3 months old with a nipple the size of a pingpong ball. it kinda made me curious. so, after chatting for almost an hour we got to interesting part which was the answer to everyone's question " howcome she has a breast, that young?".

well, the doctor said that the lump started tp form during pregnancy, the mother ate lotsa chicken. undenying the fact, she admitted that she did have craving for chicken: ayam gorng, masak merah, nasi ayam, every meal she took she had to take at least a portion of a chicken when she was pregnant.

all the fat and juicy chicken we eat everyday are injected with growth hormone so that they become huge and yummy for us to eat. so these things caused the baby to suffer from some kinda weird breast. but only one of her breast though. pity girl.

it is expected that after several treatments the size of the nipple will reduce.
thank god there's a cure fot this symptom.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

ngantuk post

have lots of things to tell
but i'm so tired
sleep first, write later.

a glimpse of what's coming up
fantastic week
lots of fun

Thursday, August 23, 2007


i swerved to another direction while he did the same thing.the separation was a mutual decision therefore no one is to be blamed. well now, being away close to 4 years and guess what he decided to inform me. he's getting married. congrats? well to be honest that wasn't the first thing that i had in mind, "whose your girlfriend, when are u gonna get married?".. random questions started to linger my mind. after a moment i noticed that i actually still care for him, after all he is my friend. well, surely he's moved on and so have i.congrats anyway, hope that everything is going to be alright and may they be happy in their life for years ahead of them..

frustrating note: a high-school crush also got hitched last 2 weeks.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

45 minutes to work

it's been a hectic start for a predicted hectic day
i know it's not good to sigh and complain
who cares anyway

with the paper that needs to be presented today i didn't feel pressure at all.
i woke up early in the morning. i even had time to eat breakfast which i rarely do because of time constraint. aftr breakfast i headed to work a little bit late to avoid the peak hours where there's lots of cars. traffic was smooth.. it was 8.35 a.m

so the journey to work continued to be as i expected. not until i arrived at the nilai tol. there was a major pile up from the nilai 315 exit. as i swerved through the cars left and right until i was forced to a stop. then i waited.waited. and waited some more but it only managed to budge a bit. i was nervous as i would be late as my presentation is at 9a.m.

then when 15 minutes passed by and i was still beyond the tol gate. i started to freak out. the nerves were hitting me 'big time'. phrases and words from the presentation started to flood my mind. it distracted me from focusing on the road until i realized that people were honking at me because there was a huge gap from my car to the car in front of me.

suddenly as i was proceeding closer to the car. a gigantic bus swerved in front of me taking the space. C*l***! the bus was so big it freaked me out. luckily i managed to jam the breaks. if not.....i wouldn't be here. by the way the bus was budaya bus with the plate number(hold on, i saved it somewhere) DAH9033.damn you bus driver!

so i guess i was lucky that the bus didn't hit me. but i was still late. it usually takes me 10-15 minutes to get to work. but on this particular unlucky day it took me 45 bloody minutes!

i arrived at the meeting at 9.20 a.m. i composed myself before entering the meeting room, luckily my turn wasn't up yet. so in the end, the conclusion for my presentation is= it rawked!!maybe if i wasn't in this chaos it would have turned out the other way around.. who knows.. i'm just grateful that everything turned out well and the bus didn't crash me.

moral of the story: reload your touch n go card

Monday, August 06, 2007


Check out the poster of Akon's concert in Malaysia!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


being a student you always want to succeed instead of failing. i haven't failed. and i don't plan to fail. who does? it's just when things go wrong i blame myself. i think most of us do..

why? it is because when carrying out tasks. literally all tasks, i perform my very best and give my all BUT certain people just do not get the meaning of good product produced from hard work.

when asked what went wrong, there's no concrete answer...
friends say it's because of unprofessional marking
biased? jealous? (insert any negative feelings here)
well i don't know~
only god knows

what on earth are they marking on?.
maybe it's a big joke for them but it's war to me.
i just don't get it. something's gone wrong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It’s bloody cold today

Opps, should I use bloody or ‘cooling’ today.
I hands are literally shaking in the office, in my car even though the air-conditioner is not switched on.


Please give me some heat so that I can make myself warm…

I found it quite hard to sleep last night as it was freezing cold as well. Since I was so lazy to get up and get a blanket from the cupboard, I snatched my sister’s towel and some of her clothes since they were folded nicely in a pile near my bed. Come to think of it, yeah I was extremely lethargic to get up.

I was awoken by my sister’s screams because of what I’ve done to her clothes. Got nagged by her at 7 am in the morning! I bet she’s folding the clothes now because when I headed for work this morning I just left the clothes in a bundle with a thought that I’ll fold them later…. Later = never(hoping someone else does it).

Cold weather -->lazy -->sleepy --> an unproductive day

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I write when I feel bored
I write when I’m about to go to sleep
I write when my friends tell me to and..
I write when I want to

When I look back
I find my piece of writing immature
When I read it I feel funny and I can’t even sit still

Early in the morning and late at night is when I’m inspired to write
At those hours I’ll be damn sleepy but somehow my brain seems to be full of ideas
Sometimes during those hours I’m not in front of my monitor

Slowly the ideas seem to fade away
Then I forget what I was thinking to write about
And careless to update my blog


Now I will try to blog often
Treat my blog as my work
Something that I have to accomplish
Eventhough not daily




Monday, July 02, 2007


haven't been updating much.
it's been a couple of months..

well, the new sem starts today. saw lots of students registering. tried my best to avoid the crowd.. today, the students had to register for their subject n all(yesterday, if i'm not mistaken they registered for their college). there were still some students who were accompanied by their parents. duurrr..

registration for first year students and graduation to me is kind of the same: it gathers almost every member of the family including parents, siblings, atok, grannie, uncle, aunties and practically anyone in your family tree.just name it.

what happened to me today was while i was heading to my office i bumped into a 'pak guard'. he greeted me and pointed me to the direction for the registration counter. telling me to go to the direction he was pointing at. deep inside my heart i was laughing out loud. (hahahaaa, he thinks i'm a student!!i am still laughing now.i think i still look young! )

i managed to pull a straight face so that the guard wouldn't feel offended. i just told him that i was on my way to the third floor and quickly rushed to the lift.

am still laughing now.

i think i better stop here.
class will start next week
just wish that this sem flows as well as last sem


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


work is tiring. sleep is good...

i've been tremendously busy lately. the past few months in a nutshell.
i'm so stressed from writing researches and i think i'm going to vomit out lines of sentences.
i'm also sick of reading & marking papers for their finals.. so so glad that the semester is over. but come to think of it it's kind of frustrating because after you've trained the students so hard for the whole sem, in the end they move on to another level, another new semester. so next sem will be a totally different breed. again, i have to start from the bottom. so before i press my restart button i think i need to take a break from work.(in case you want to know, i haven't applied leave since last year!! i'm a workaholic babe)

so bye2.
i am taking a very looong holiday.
going somewhere to wind down and relax..


Monday, January 22, 2007

.:.word of the day.:.


a malay word : an adjective
meaning : 'relax' ar , 'rock' ar

example of usage in a conversation:
1."Apalah awak ni, lepen-la.."
2."Ustazah tu lepen jer"