Wednesday, November 08, 2006

raya blooper

never in a million years i imagine this thing is going to happen to me but it finally did. usually you'll hear stories of others who have experienced this incident. now there's another person that will be sharing the experience with you. ME. why was i so foolish to go to the wrong open house..Arrgghh..

i was so ashamed of myself. luckily i was with 2 of my friends. plus the host was 'nice'...emm.. asked us to eat and chill down for a while afterr noticing that the name we mentioned actually didn't refer to anyone in that particular house.

this incident occurred firstly, we haven't been to her house for five years. secondly, we forgot which row she lived in. thirdly, we didn't have her address (intended to rely on our instinct) and lastly, there's no last point as i'm just making excuses to blame on something else apart from my own mistakes. hee.

actually my friend's house was located behind this particular house that we went just happened that we past this row first before the actual row that we're invited to. how we turned up there was a coincidence, we saw this row parked with cars and the house had all these plastic seats and table at their garden.there was also a special parking space for guests. without any doubt we were confident that it was her house.although at first before entering we guessed that she renovated her house, then we continued by giving compliments (among ourselves) on how big her house looks and how nice it was as it was different from the house that we went to five years ago. anyone would have guessed that it was her open house, unless she mentioned that it wasn't going to be a grand event, for sure we'll think twice before entering. it never crossed our mind that it wasn't their house.

after the tremendous humiliation incident we finally arrived at the actual house. still dazzled and laughing at ourselves for being foolish we told our friend about the incident. thank god our act wasn't the first. her previous guest went there too. they ate, at least we didn't.