Saturday, June 23, 2012


Nice view of the sky on 3rd June 2012.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Life is short

Peace to all : ) 

Last 2 weeks was the saddest weeks of my life as one of my students passed away. This was the first death which I had to deal with which was kind of a sudden. Previous passings included uncles, aunties and even my grandma last November was somehow something that we were prepared with as most of them were sick or the fact that they were quite old. For this student of mine who passed away I felt a pang of hurt and I was emotionally drained as I realized that death can happen at any time without warning.

I don’t know why I felt so attached to him eventhough classes with him was less than 3 weeks.  I was clearly fond of him from the first class. His animatic expressions made the class laugh and his amazingly confident character overshadows his physical petite-ness.  He had high confidence level larger than his physical being which definitely made him distinctive amongst the rest. He was amongst my favourite as he was very responsible and he often made hilarious remarks… I often shared my thoughts with a colleague of mine everytime after class as I normally reflect on my lessons and I would bring his name up everytime we were discussion about his class. eg: classes would be fun because of him, he’s the only one asking questions, etc… not knowing God had a purpose to spare several short moments in my life to get to know a wonderful human being, one that God loves even more than others around him. His lost is deeply felt by people around him and I miss him dearly too. T.T
(Sorry I have to make this short) 
Driving back home everyday from work is a lonely journey and as I pass by the road near the accident scene, it brings tears to my eyes up until today. Little did I know back then that his last class was with me. :(
I hope his soul can rest in peace and be blessed by Allah swt and be amongst those pious and ones who enter heaven. 

Now I realize that we all will leave earth someday, it’s only a matter of when and how… Hopefully with prayers and good deeds even if we are apart in 2 different worlds we will all meet again in heaven. InsyaAllah..   Al-fatihah.

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