Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Meee ooww...

I know that you’re obsessed with me. So FINE. I can deal with the fact that you bought the same shoes a couple of days after I wear a particular shoe. Then, you bought a similar bracelet to my bracelet (nasib baik not exactly the same when you look at it closely).. I think basically everything I have, you want one as well right. I don’t really mind you buying all these stuff and copying me.. I can accept that you love me and I’m truly smitten that I’ve a fan. :) But…but..but….when you checked whether my handbag is an original handbag or not behind my back is SOOOO inappropriate. This is clearly a sign of jealousy. Oh perempuan, go and get a life. What do you think you’re doing, inspecting other people’s handbag? and shame on you to admit that you’re a 27 year old girl

God, please make her go far far away from me

Get a life!(Roar like a lion)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


ada orang annoying gila kat kursus ni


Sunday, June 13, 2010

baby entry

Baby don't miss me yeah . I'll be away for a week.
Baby yg sometimes looks like a girl. hehee..

Friday, June 11, 2010


It's a rainy Friday and I'm still stuck at the office.. Buhuu

Most of my collegues are on leave as it is the school holidays and they have to entertain their kids etc. Well me? I will be here as usual as always trying to keep myself busy. Hahaa.. There are also colleagues that I would consider as... "unethical" maybe?

On record they're supposed to be here but they aren't. There's been a debate regarding this issue as normally, these so called "invisible people" are the ones living near the workplace. They would come in the morning, head back home and drop by late in the evening to "checkout". At first I don't really mind of the fact that some people might have to do this once a while if they have something urgent to do outside(going to the bank/breastfeeding, etc). If you tend to do it more than 3days a week I consider it to be too much.

What irks me the most is that in meetings, they're the ones who hypocritically talks about honesty, emmmm well the fact is that they just aren't, they also claim that whoever leaves home on time are unproductive, unlike them....Hello!!! Although their working hours are long, it doesn't mean that they are productively at work. Doyou think we're stupid n we don't know what's going on?

Oh people, people.
Don't try to lie in front of adults, it really makes you look even more stupid.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I cried and cried..

Last night while I was trying to find potential subjects for my research I stumbled upon a blog which I felt contented to share. After reading an entry from the blog I knew that it had nothing to do with my initial objective, but I kept on reading and reading from one entry to another as her stories made me want to know more about what happened.

She wrote a series of 10 entries of her life which was overwhelming and heartening to read. The entries were about love, having faith and survival. I have indeed learnt a lot and I feel intrigued to share it with everyone that I love. So, take a look here with an end note of I love you. :)

[off to weddings around here, so sorry to ucu & haida for not being able to make it to your wedding. 6/06 every year seems to be a marathon of weddings for me.. ]