Tuesday, June 27, 2006

::stuck on the highway::

I love traveling (on my parents expenses) hehee.. But surely when I’ve my own income I’ll travel more. It’s true that you will learn something through every journey. This is what I faced during my previous journey. It certainly was a lesson for me.
I’ll give the situation and you tell me what you'll do.
What will you do if you're stuck on a highway, you are out of petrol, you left your wallet at the previous rest area, your ticket was in your wallet and you have absolutely nothing?
Would you ask strangers for money?
Yes. This family did.
They asked my family..
Did we give them money? Yes. But that was after taking the car registration number, their i.c number, their hand phone number and after a long interrogation with their children to see if their parents were telling the truth.
Was I being cruel of not believing them? I don’t think so. Who wouldn’t be suspicious?. I hope that they arrived safe and sound to their destination. If they call back to send the money, we’ll give it for free. If it’s a fraud (maybe not) am I going to take action? Nope.. I guarantee you won’t see me stopping for a second the next time if anyone hails me.
Each decision brings its own pros and cons. I hope that my good intention will give me something back, if not now, maybe in the future.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


i never wondered that sometimes that the words that flows out of my mouth when i'm annoyed seems to be funny . come to think of it, it's worth some kidney rumbling..

my friend likes to ask me questions related to the traditions of what girls can do and can't do...
"orang tua kata kalau perempuan ...(bla..bla..bla) betul ker?", my friend asked for the first time.
i answered --->> manala saya tahu, saya nampak tua ker yang awk tanya saya ni??
after a few minutes after we changed to another topic she asked another question related to yeah..yeah 'orang tua' again!
"betul ker orang tua2 kata perempuan tak boleh bla-bla-bla......", she asked me.
with an annoyed faced i answered, " awak tanya jelah orang tua tu!".

::just for laughs::

don't make presuppositions before you hear the whole act

i tried calling my friend and she wasn't at home, when i finaaly got to reach her.

friend: hey
me: you pergi mana
friend: beli ikan dengan mak saya....
me: bukan ke awk tak leh bau hanyir ikan, dahla tak boleh gi pasar plak tu...
(what i had in mind--->> oh, my friend has changed, possibly training herself to be a great housewife, hehehee)
friend: bukan..bukan
me: tak percayala awak pergi beli ikan..
friend: bukan beli ikan tu.. ikan aquarium
me: cisss..