Sunday, March 29, 2009

a weird name

and the name is...

Klakar btol nama dia...

I really can’t believe my eyes.. Hehee..

I'm still waiting for my own ‘King’..
i baked some muffins last friday,
then my grandma asked me
grandma : masak aper?..
i answered : muffin
grandma: ape dia?
me: muffin
grandma: oo bahulu (while touching the baked muffin)
me: yela..ape2la (whispering silently)

then grandma 1 called grandma 2
grandma 1: marila makan bahulu ni
grandma 2: siapa buat?
grandma 1: kak ngah..
grandma 2: pandai btol buat bahulu

me: bukan bahulu la.. ini org panggil muffin
grandma 1: bahulu ni
me: muffinla wan, bukan bahulu. bahulu lain
grandma1 : bahulu kan? (asking grandma 2)
grandma 2: bahulu ni
grandma 1: bahulu perisa coklat

me: !"£$%^&*&^%$"???

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


7th-9th February 2009
KL-Batu Pahat-Skudai-Desaru

A word to describe the trip: Unforgettable

Lots of gossips + Angst released = satisfaction of the heart :)

Hoping for the whole tesl clan could join next time.
especially those who used to live in the block below (K09) & k07

So, it's been 2 years down the road..

here's some simple items that brings fond memories of the girls.
Fun. Laughter. Drama
Soulful & touching promised..
i finally did it!

*fugly fingers