Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not a handsome result

I wanted to get something to soothe my throat so I went to the clinic. When it was time for the doctor to check me I became extremely nervous. It was like a sudden rush out of nowhere. he asked me numerous questions, checked my throat and took my BP, then… he immediately told me to lie down. I was like..”why do I have to lie down..i’m not pregnant… then negative thoughts clouded my mind. Am I sick? Do I have to take my appendix out and lots of other stuff which I really don’t know how the thought could cross my mind. The doc continued checking my stomach, which at that time produced various sounds which at the end made the doc to ask me” have you taken ur lunch?.. I smiled. Is that an indication of yes or no. errmm.no. why didn’t you eat yet? to be honest I forgot to eat and when i wanted to I was busy with other stuff.. But I drank Nescafe in the morning.. (it was just as a cover)

Me not taking anything yet until 4pm led him to more questions which I didn’t want to answer because I wasn’t in a pleasant mood of explaining. To make it short, coz I’m not in a mood explaining myself he told me that my BP was a little too high which was 130/90. (That was why he needed to check my BP and stomach etc..)

He told me:
Not to skip any meals even though you’re busy.
Not too pressure myself about work.
Get enough sleep.

How can I not worry about work. It’s the first and last thing I think about everyday. I have to plan a workshop for the new batch before the first week of july. I need to work on modules and evaluate and develop new materials. This is excluding the programme that is presently running and programmes that will commence during orientation week for students.

Now I really feel like I don’t have a life.
On top of that, I got something that I didn’t bargain for..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh, Kim Yeow

I met Uncle Kim today. He was as cheerful as always but today he brought an umbrella since it was drizzling and surprisingly he wasn’t on his bike.
He smiled and waved his hand at me. I replied back.

I said, “Hi Uncle, jalan kaki pulak hari ini”
“Harga minyak sudah naik”, he said.
Then we both laughed and he continued his journey.

Uncle Kim owns a workshop nearby our house. A man rich as rich as uncle kim is also saving up on petrol by walking to work every day instead of riding his motorbike/driving his car. Only fuel can change a man.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i got it from my papa

Advices from my father:

1. There's nothing easy in this world. If everything was meant to be easy there wouldn't be a purpose for us to live in this world.
this always comes out after any exams or anything difficult things that i had gone through when he asks me how the day was like.

2. Everything needs to be systematic
from organizing papers until arranging the clothes in your closet.
yup everything has its own routine of procedure of doing things. i was raised this way since i was small.

3. Do things the right way
everything that is executed must be correct.and make sure you do it correctly the first time. if you don't know how to it ask for help.but only ask for help, not for others to do it for you.

4. Finish up everything that u put on your plate.
finish your food. if you're the one who scooped it, you better finish it. i think this one is to avoid wasting any food since he's the breadwinner of the family. so take small portions and if it's not enough you can add some more. as for me i always took a lot and i ended up stuffing myself and now i'm a stuffed human being.

5. Have a back up plan
need a plan B if your original plan fails. he always tests me if it doesn't work out this way how would i overcome it etc. i always have a back up plan since i know he'll ask me. then he'll ask me another back-up plan for the back-up plan. i don't worry too much about this cause i know he's thinking of another plan as well.

i think that's all. the crucial ones that he is particular about.
oh one more, don't make simple things complicated.

i am what i am now because of my dad.
blame it on him.

happy father's day to all fathers out there

Friday, June 13, 2008

orang gaji

I don’t think paying civil servants twice a month is a brilliant move. Even when they are paying us once a month we are eagerly waiting for the money. When it becomes twice a month we’ll be waiting the first time and will eagerly wait again for the next payment. It doubles the grey hair production. It is certainly not good for the hair.

i just don’t like to fact that I’m going to receive the pay slip with only half the amount that I’m getting now-twice. It’s not good for the ego. It’s also hard to save up as well. I don’t know why the government needs to change this and that, that are making me feel uncomfortable. Majority knows that the government is in its phase of shortage of RMs. Why don’t they just admit it? Blame it on the ego.


I just got back from KL. Today’s the submission for all the scripts before being checked for the last time tomorrow. Hopefully there won’t be anything that needs amendment.

After that, I’ll be free! Free! Free! I’ve been burying my head in the ground lately and there were several things that I just had to pass such as going to Singapore (which were supposed to gotoday) and cancelling a few trips with my friends as part of cuti2 malaysia for the last 2 weeks: they always have fun when I’m stuck with work.

Last night, I had a terrible dream. I dreamt that on the morning that I had to hand in the scripts I still had a bundle of scripts which were left unmarked. I freaked out and started to imagine my group leader scolding me; then I suddenly woke up and my grandma was next to me trying to wake me up just to ask whether ‘dah azan subuh’ or not. Fuh, luckily it was just a dream.

I have to get myself straight now. Enough is enough.