Wednesday, April 25, 2007


work is tiring. sleep is good...

i've been tremendously busy lately. the past few months in a nutshell.
i'm so stressed from writing researches and i think i'm going to vomit out lines of sentences.
i'm also sick of reading & marking papers for their finals.. so so glad that the semester is over. but come to think of it it's kind of frustrating because after you've trained the students so hard for the whole sem, in the end they move on to another level, another new semester. so next sem will be a totally different breed. again, i have to start from the bottom. so before i press my restart button i think i need to take a break from work.(in case you want to know, i haven't applied leave since last year!! i'm a workaholic babe)

so bye2.
i am taking a very looong holiday.
going somewhere to wind down and relax..