Tuesday, February 28, 2006

::more male bloggers than female,howcome?::

So, out of my respondents for my survey.. 70% from the bloggers are male? I don't get it... I thought that females loved to write and express their feelings bla..blaa bla.. But howcome the males are writing more than females? Does this mean nowadays males are more open to write about what they feel?...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

::hear me cry::

Does anyone hear me cry? I thought so.. no one.. My computer still isn't ready yet. That's what makes me sad... I'm dying for a new life with my computer...

Monday, February 20, 2006


Arrghh.. the virus is here again.. Spreading itself to rule to gain the throne of my computer. I’m calling out the knights to save my precious from ‘Trojan Horse’, ‘I-Worm’ and ‘Brontox’. These three monarchs have tried to diminish all my reminiscences that I intend to keep. They have disrupted others and now they intend to pull me down. For now let us pray for the best for my nation to heal. For I have my government to rule and PSM mission to complete. Time heals everything. I will have to wait for time. Every minute, every second and every tick of the needle for them to recover..

Friday, February 17, 2006

::the first movie that made me cry::

This movie acted by Jung Woo-Sung and Son Ye-Jin is a must to see movie. It is a funny, strange, romantic and somehow ridiculous (things that the couple did) all combined in one movie. The title 'a moment to remember' is very memorable as throughout the duration of 90 minutes, you'll try to reflect on your on life and cherish whatever that's left of it... I cried and cried with mucus and tears streaming nonstop down my face which made my pillow damp. (had to wash it the day after that)..hehe

This story is very realistic as it deals with real life emotions. It is a story about a girl who have an illness (a due to die kind of illness). She did not know her fate was like that.. The story also portrays about how her husband deals with her having the disease and how all the people around her reflected on the disease.. This movie really shows what true love is about……
The director or whoever is involved in the story really knows how to manipulate the viewers and bed the viewers in tears. They also made a perfect ending to the story and left viewers with what they try to think for the girl’s fate and so as our own. I won’t tell you more as I’m suggesting for everyone to see it. Get your box premier tissue or a roll of toilet paper, sit and enjoy the movie. Hope to see whether you like the movie the same as I do.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


screams of joy surrounded BCB's in UTM today as finally the loans are in.Yey... now the phrase "bila masuk duit..." is no longer used. Friends out there.. shop wisely

::wake up call::

nothing's changed. nothing to mention about. oh, as for my thesis, it is going slow right now. I received many comment from bloggers regarding blogging. Some of them stated that blogging is actually a time to express your feeling. When expressing.. we tend to use another style of language. What kind of language? So how this is different from the normal language we write in is yet to be found out. How far this is true will be investigated as time comes

Monday, February 06, 2006

::i will::

i will
-try to complete the data analysis
-complete my ESP assignment a.s.a.p
-start working on CALL evaluation
-force my eyes to stay open till morning to complete the tasks above

long break. lots of work. just a little done