Tuesday, August 28, 2007

.baby humps.

my friend told me that her baby had a breast. small breast but only on the right hand side. when i heard the for the first time i was like yeah,..so... (it's merely coz i didn't know what to imagine at that time)

after seeing the oversized breast or should i say nipple, i was extremely shocked! try to imagine a baby around 3 months old with a nipple the size of a pingpong ball. it kinda made me curious. so, after chatting for almost an hour we got to interesting part which was the answer to everyone's question " howcome she has a breast, that young?".

well, the doctor said that the lump started tp form during pregnancy, the mother ate lotsa chicken. undenying the fact, she admitted that she did have craving for chicken: ayam gorng, masak merah, nasi ayam, every meal she took she had to take at least a portion of a chicken when she was pregnant.

all the fat and juicy chicken we eat everyday are injected with growth hormone so that they become huge and yummy for us to eat. so these things caused the baby to suffer from some kinda weird breast. but only one of her breast though. pity girl.

it is expected that after several treatments the size of the nipple will reduce.
thank god there's a cure fot this symptom.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

ngantuk post

have lots of things to tell
but i'm so tired
sleep first, write later.

a glimpse of what's coming up
fantastic week
lots of fun

Thursday, August 23, 2007


i swerved to another direction while he did the same thing.the separation was a mutual decision therefore no one is to be blamed. well now, being away close to 4 years and guess what he decided to inform me. he's getting married. congrats? well to be honest that wasn't the first thing that i had in mind, "whose your girlfriend, when are u gonna get married?".. random questions started to linger my mind. after a moment i noticed that i actually still care for him, after all he is my friend. well, surely he's moved on and so have i.congrats anyway, hope that everything is going to be alright and may they be happy in their life for years ahead of them..

frustrating note: a high-school crush also got hitched last 2 weeks.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

45 minutes to work

it's been a hectic start for a predicted hectic day
i know it's not good to sigh and complain
who cares anyway

with the paper that needs to be presented today i didn't feel pressure at all.
i woke up early in the morning. i even had time to eat breakfast which i rarely do because of time constraint. aftr breakfast i headed to work a little bit late to avoid the peak hours where there's lots of cars. traffic was smooth.. it was 8.35 a.m

so the journey to work continued to be as i expected. not until i arrived at the nilai tol. there was a major pile up from the nilai 315 exit. as i swerved through the cars left and right until i was forced to a stop. then i waited.waited. and waited some more but it only managed to budge a bit. i was nervous as i would be late as my presentation is at 9a.m.

then when 15 minutes passed by and i was still beyond the tol gate. i started to freak out. the nerves were hitting me 'big time'. phrases and words from the presentation started to flood my mind. it distracted me from focusing on the road until i realized that people were honking at me because there was a huge gap from my car to the car in front of me.

suddenly as i was proceeding closer to the car. a gigantic bus swerved in front of me taking the space. C*l***! the bus was so big it freaked me out. luckily i managed to jam the breaks. if not.....i wouldn't be here. by the way the bus was budaya bus with the plate number(hold on, i saved it somewhere) DAH9033.damn you bus driver!

so i guess i was lucky that the bus didn't hit me. but i was still late. it usually takes me 10-15 minutes to get to work. but on this particular unlucky day it took me 45 bloody minutes!

i arrived at the meeting at 9.20 a.m. i composed myself before entering the meeting room, luckily my turn wasn't up yet. so in the end, the conclusion for my presentation is= it rawked!!maybe if i wasn't in this chaos it would have turned out the other way around.. who knows.. i'm just grateful that everything turned out well and the bus didn't crash me.

moral of the story: reload your touch n go card

Monday, August 06, 2007


Check out the poster of Akon's concert in Malaysia!