Saturday, December 20, 2008


Five hours of sitting down and waiting for all the students to receive their scroll is indeed tiring. It left me with back pain and a huge pain(numbness) in the ass. This is the third time I’ve tortured myself in such situation, every year I would vow not to attend to the next convocation and in the end I always end up being there. I’m pretty sure this is because attendance is compulsory.

I’m so jealous of her highness that can put a smile on her face for all events regardless how tiring it may be. Just imagine how her highness can endure sitting for hours handing out the scroll to all the students. Isn’t she tired? She’s in her 80-s. Last night the Santapan Diraja event also ended quite late and I was definitely torn out. It was so difficult for me to wake up this morning. I think I need more vitamins so that I can be as healthy as her.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beaten up

Due to the recession of the global economic condition, sponsorship for SLAB /SLAI for postgraduate studies will be in local universities ONLY starting strictly in 2009, and for PhD, only critical courses will be offered abroad. It shattered most of my future plans..

I cannot bear to wait any longer and waste my time waiting. I’ll face the fact and continue to achieve what I’ve set for myself. Before this in 2001, all twinning programmes were stopped at that time, so I enrolled in a local uni. Surprisingly in 2002, they offered the programme back again… It was just not my luck.. this is the second turnover..
A poor start for 2009. There goes my beautiful dream. to continue being dreams...

I’m also jealous of the new Honda city 1.5E, it’s so luxurious and spacious..

if only I’d waited longer.. in both events… I would have got what I wanted. It is just not fated for me and no matter what, I learn to be grateful of what I have now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

east coast

my family and I arrived safely from the long hours of driving from Terengganu last nite at 10 o’clock. The 7 hours journey was definitely tiring as we never travelled for such a long time frame driving on the road.. and I don’t think neither one of us will get used to it. I think that is the main reason why we have never been to Terengganu as a ‘family’. I would be in Terengganu for work similar like ayah and mak will only attend a few occasions with her best friends.

While growing up here and there, our family was really left apart from all my mother’s relatives back in Terengganu. I don’t know them at all, but their names were sometimes mentioned by my mother when she tells us about her childhood memories with her cousins. So, for the past 20 years they have never met my mother all that I can tell u is to just imagine how ecstatic they were when we arrived there. It was frantic with lots of faces in disbelief. As for me I was totally blur coz I don’t know who they were. I was like a lost puppy.. It’s not a matter of meeting 5 or 6 people. It’s like 30 plus that is actually less than the whole extended family. I was like asking each person who they were so that I can put the pieces together in understanding the whole family. Alas, now I’ve met and hopefully will remember their faces in the future. They all hope we’ll visit come again soon and not in the next 20 years time. I am happy that we managed to rekindle the relationship that we will always have. :)

Overall, Terengganu was fun. Lots of seafood (as expected) and they even threw a barbeque party during the malam berinai.. such a different chaotic celebration there I should say. So we travelled all the way to Terengganu just to attend a wedding ceremony. The bride is my mother’s cousin who is also actually the same age as mua. Therefore the relationship between me n the bride would be more of a mak saudara something like that but I don’t call her makcikla..

They were a list of things which surprised me in Terengganu:

1. Went to Mesra mall. Ada Bid Apple, (Not but still 2 thumbs up! Cayala.. the q wasn't long.. :)

2. The wedding ceremony was simple and it only had 2 canopies. We were like biar betul, cukup keR?.. if it was held here, there would be 7-10 canopies. 2 is for engagement ceremonies. Maybe that’s how it’s done there. It is for the separation between male n female seating. One canopy is for the male, the other for female.. we all slumber je sat together. Whose rule is it anyway?

3. The ‘Tuan rumah’ either the mother/any family member will sit in the house waiting for visitors to come while giving out door gifts. Relax jer tak payah amek flower girl..

4. Aturcara majlis 12 noon until 8 pm.. fuyoo lamanya…

5. Difference between majlis perkahwinan and majlis kesyukuran. Differing from perkahwinan, Majlis kesyukuran does not accept any form of money from guest. Presents are accepted :). I actually knew this before from a wedding in Kelantan (my friend’s brother wedding)

6. Lastly, the most upsetting thing of all, I met a nice lady who looks like Shalin zulkifli with her short hair in her mid 30-s. She introduced herself as one of my mom’s cousin, I shook hands with her and we chatted for a while.. On the journey back, I asked my mom about this particular cousin, I was numbed to find out that she is actually a he…

The supposed to be exciting journey ended miserably for me.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


I rarely get to watch tv lately but I was so amazed to watch Slamball on AXN. I was so dumbfound to not know the sport that is really cool. I can’t wait for Malaysia to build a court for Slamball.. it’s really fun just watching the game. It is kinda playing basketball but it is more fun as in the 2 pointer shooting area the floor is made from trampoline and the players can actually bounce. They will play basketball in the center court and when moving towards the area the players will jump on the trampoline and shoot in amazing ways. Just like the anime Slamdunk..

I don’t know how the scoring is like since I only got to watch a few minutes of the game but I think the time played are according to quarters like basketball. Maybe the points are the same as well. Am not quite sure.. well here’s a clip of the game. Enjoy.