Friday, April 14, 2006

::Bridge of understanding::

So much of the name, there is no longer an understanding.
Life’s like that, if you be too nice, some people will take you forgranted. People will also try to pull you down. Then you will fall down easily, knock your head and no longer have control over anything. We do not want that to happen. Ending up with nothing in our favour. In order to end the controversy, a confident and firm decision is made. I hope that they are not trying to play a game of I love you. I love you not...To build a bridge or not to build.

::Findings Part Un::

Thank you for all the bloggers who participated in this study.

Here is an extract from the statistics of the first half of the findings.

Scope of the study
The focus of this study was mainly on Malaysian bloggers who owns a weblog and blogs in English.
Out of the 150 questionnaire distributed only 117 replied. 17 replied questionnaires were not used for this study as it was not fully completed by the respondents which may influence the reliability and validity of this study.

Background information of the Respondents

Gender: Male:58, Female: 42, Total: 100
Age of respondents: 20-24 years old (42%)
Level of education: Degree holder (63%)
Mother Tongue: Chinese (47%)
Weblog writing skill: Rated Good (72%) --- high confidence
Experience in Blogging: More than 24 months (41%)
Service used: (53%)
Post/s published per week: 1-2 posts (34%)
Comment/s received per week: 1-2 posts (51%)
Hours spent for blogging: 1-2 hours (40%)

Interaction between Bloggers
I read comments written by readers. 4.78 (high)
I reply to comments written by readers 4.0 (high)

I use hyperlink in my entries. 3.62 (high)
I include images in my entries. 3.50 (high)
I use my real name when blogging.3.23 (medium)
I include audio in my entries. 1.50 (low)
I include video in my entries. 1.50 (low)

The second part will trail in soon.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chicken Soup for The Soul. Malay Edition.

Reading Chicken Soup for The Soul is one way to make you feel good. Among Chicken Soups that I have read so far are:

Chicken Soup for
1. The Teenage Soul
2. The Girl’s Soul
3. The Romantic Soul
4. The Couple’s Soul
5. The Writer’s Soul
6. The Teacher’s Soul
and a whole lot of other souls. Hehe

Another book that is similar to Chicken Soup is a new book that I've read titled ‘Ayah Kita Bos’. I like to refer this book as the Malay version of Chicken Soup. I personally love this book because it makes me smile, laugh and think about things that occurs around me in a different perspective. Luckily, my friends did not report me to Hospital Bahagia for creating non-stop annoying giggling sounds in the middle of the night. They just dropped by my room by peeking through the door with a confused face wondering about the book that I was reading what is so funny about it. All I said is that you will know when you read this book. I continued to read. I ‘khatam-ed’ reading the book twice from front to back cover. Friends started to read the book too. I heard giggling sounds along the corridor. I think I know why. I smiled and went back to my room.

The authors of the book really know how to put things in perspective. They write about life. Not the ordinary rambling writings of life but about life in general, in an interesting point of view. Writings by Tok Rimau are straightforward direct and digestible. It is easy to understand, but in some entries, you might have to think beyond the lines to interpret the meaning. The writings are like magic wands, sparkling through every flip of the page. Sinaganaga’s writing is more of a dialogue. He writes in speaking form. He really utilizes the use full stops throughout his writing. I created a technique for my friends to read and understand Sinaganaga’s entries. Lucky that I had acting experience that helped me create this technique. It is called ‘Teknik Satu Nafas’ (One breath technique). Read by using a single breath. Do not stop at all the full stops. Only stop to take a breath if you suffocate and can no longer breathe properly. Create your own intonation and style by reading the writings like a dialogue. Try it, it is interesting. Other than that, you might need some schemata of Japan when reading some of the entries. Try memorizing the map of Japan and learn more about the Japanese culture. Then you will know why certain things are widely available at Japan. That was just an example.

This is only my personal review. Ayah Kita Bos is my ‘Sup Ayam Untuk Jiwa’. If you think you will like it, then buy it. If not, you can simply navigate away from here.


When I am at home, I feel happy. I like to sleep on my comfortable bed. I like to wonder aimlessly around the house. Do practically nothing sometimes. Eat meals and junk food without having to pay. Enjoy watching television programmes. Chat with my siblings all day until we get tired and sleepy. Have meaningful conversations with my parents. Practically I just love being at home. Home is where the heart is.

Friday, April 07, 2006

::the end::

Thursday. 11 a.m. The last day of class.
Should I be happy because I don't have to wake up early anymore for my morning classes? Or should I be sad? Thinking of it I know that my time is almost up. This is the end of my 5 years journey of a student. Time passes by so fast when you don't want it to end. To all my beautiful friends who have been beside me 'Thank you'. No words can describe how all of you mean to me. Thinking about saying goodbye is difficult enough, just can't imagine doing it. I don't want this to end. I hope that all the memories will be cherished and remain forever in our hearts. It's been a wonderful journey...
*shed tears*

on blogging

blogging can be so many things. Some ppl like tok rimau have produced their own books... :) while some ppl like me blog for personal satisfaction... to release whatever's 'cooped up' inside... it's healthier hehe...

and blogging also improves your writing skills, if you blog consistently... ciao first...