Tuesday, November 17, 2015

of facebook posts and recipe updates

Everytime a person shares a recipe on facebook, I'd expect the person to make it within a time span of 1 day to 2 weeks maximum. Pictures of dishes well most of them makes you go all hungry all of a sudden even though you just had a hearty lunch/dinner.. Urrgh..

 There would be times I would ask my friend who normally update recipes, have you tried this and that recipe which SHE SHARED on fb.
 The answer would be - NO
So you haven't tried making 'em?
 No, I just like sharing it.
 AAAAaaaaaa.. I felt like shooting myself.

 Well, that was the first disclaimer, then others confessed doing the same. Please cook what you have posted, it's similar like practice what you preach.. kihkih Or maybe I am just an emotional blob who is too attached to food.

Enjoy a short video of a simple Chocolate Banana Cinnamon Cake made in a mug which I saw someone sharing on facebook.. :)
Prep time: less than 2 minutes
Mix everything in a mug
1 banana mash with fork
Cinnamon powder
Baking powder
Vanilla essence
Brown Sugar
Microwave: 3-5 minutes

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