Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Luck

Last week, I had the chance to go to the land of the Hornbills. The journey was tiring through villages which took approximately 2 hours from the nearest town. I visited schools which were made from wood planks ..okay..they were like wrenches with the smell n all..eww..the population of people there were the poorest among the poorest indeed. the students were so untidy with their torn socks (some holes were as small as a toe and there was one with a hole as big as his own foot). They don’t even iron their uniform. Before entering the class students have to take their shoes off. Some lied on the floor doing their work as there weren’t enough tables and chairs. The school rarely had visitors before, so our presence there made us feel like artists with them smiling and looking at us with awe. I admire the teachers that are so dedicated to teach the students in such situation and they really try to cherish the moment and try to enjoy their lives. Salute to the teachers there who are always happy and commit 100% to any work given. The visit to schools there was a learning experience for me and I do wish that our government can supply enough amenities to these schools in these small village areas for them to learn in a conducive environment.

I also hiked up and went in Niah cave which was an awesome but smelly experience with bat’s urine and shit everywhere. A friend of mine felt so gross to hold the rail as it was covered with bat’s poop so she was so confident that she’ll manage to walk without holding the rail. The stairs were slippery once we got in the caves and in just a few steps in the cave my friend fell sliding down the staircase since she couldn’t hold her balance. Pity her she was limping all the way back to the foot of the hill which took another 2 hours. Overall, the journey to hike up to reach the mouth of the mountain took an hour. To tour in the cave you’ll need an hour and a half. The journey back was so tiring we stopped and each R n R… hahaa… penat tau.. so the journey to n fro u’ll need +/- 5 hours of ‘physical endurance’… so sesape nak naik after this training dulu k.

Then, while I was at the pinnacle of the cave I received dozens of missed calls from my parents back at home. Naseb baik ada line kat atas gua tu. Bila bunyi Tut*tut* tu tandanya hp sy ada line..hehe.. I pun gembira.. Then , my parents informed me that my house was broken into while I was away. Luckily no one was at homeThey found out early morning on Sunday as it was the norm day that they’ll come to visit the house. The burglars got thru the back door umpil grill blakang and tendang pintu belakang with three locks you know..committed btol. they raided my room and my brother’s room and they took all my jewelries, cash money and 2 cameras. Isk, isk..sedihnya. They also left 2 condoms on my bed and left my room in a total mess as they searched each cupboard for any valuable items. Siot jerr.. I am so not in the mood to clean up the mess which I did not make.

Oh, panjang betul entry ni. So whatever it is when you’re having fun, things can happen which will make you sad. Learn to cherish the moment and always remember there’s a reason for everything that happens in life. Be grateful to God for everything. All the things we have, the life we live in and for the blessings in ways that sometimes we don’t realize, that is what we call *A blessing in disguise.*


  1. huhuhu....nasib baik u tak de kat umah...huhu...alhamdulillah...